Just Remember ~ Best Shot Monday


Dear Emma Gracie -

I know it is hard sometimes, but here are a few things I hope you will always remember:

  • When she goes into your room and messes with your stuff, remember it is just stuff and she often shares her things with you, too.
  • When you get mad and want to snap at her, remember you are one of her most important role models. She is always watching you and how you handle things.
  • When she wants to borrow your clothes, remember some day you’ll be able to wear hers too, and then you’ll have double the wardrobe.
  • When she wants to tag along and play with you and your friends, remember she looks up to you “big girls” and just wants to be like you.
  • When you feel weary, sad or lonely, just remember you have a built-in best friend who is always there.

Just remember…she will always be your sister. And I hope you never forget what an incredible gift that is.


A little sharing between sisters ~ Best Shot Monday

There are many, many reasons I love having two girls. Of course, some days I might need to be reminded of those reasons when Emma is trying to strong arm Addie into doing something, or Addie is tattling on Emma. But then there are moments like this, when my heart just swells with love to watch them…

Sharing a smoothie

Some things are just a bit sweeter when shared with your sister.


More Sisterly Love ~ Best Shot Monday

I can’t stop photographing the two girls together lately. This is what? The tenth photo of the two of them in the past two weeks?

Maybe it is because I am missing my sister. Or maybe I feel compelled to document the love between the girls while I can, for I’m sure I’ll need to pull some of these photos out to remind us all of a simple time when they were just happy to be together.


I love happy “accidents.” When you think you know which shot is going to be your absolute favorite, and then as they are downloading the photos, one catches your eye. A shot that you thought was a “throw-away,” but it jumps out, and really speaks to you.


That was this one. Probably not technically the “best” shot I took all week, but the pure love you can feel radiating from the two of them – it literally makes my heart feel like it will explode when I stare at it. So therefore, it is my Best Shot this fine Monday.

Mountain Road ~ Best Shot Monday

I have some Easter shots to get up still, but this is one of my favorite photos of the weekend.

I took this after our egg hunt on Saturday, as the girls ran up the mountain road ahead to explore on their own. Watching them together like that stirs up all kinds of emotions in me. On one hand my heart breaks as they leave me behind, ready to be free, and off to do their own thing. I am also proud that they are such confident, secure girls that they know I am here, always watching and waiting for them to need me again. But mostly seeing the two of them makes me excited for all of the fun adventures they are going to find together someday.


Check out Tracey’s today to see what emotions others are stirring up.

My wandering mind.

I just can’t seem to focus on work today. I need to. I really need to get all three projects done before we go home to Michigan next week, but I just feel an overwhelming urge to procrastinate. I have 4 hours this afternoon to power through my work, and instead I am sitting here blogging, reading blogs, online shopping…anything to avoid the real work at hand.

Ad and I had a beautiful morning together, maybe that is why I am feeling all relaxed and unable to concentrate. We dropped Em off at school and then enjoyed our “mommy and me” time together. It was so nice and she is such an amazing kid! Of course I knew that already, but she really blossoms and is such a funny, sweet girl when the focus is solely on her.

And…big news! Pants dry all morning and a pee-pee on a “big” potty – not a potty chair, but an honest-to-goodness toilet in a public restroom. When we were leaving, she was “high-fiving” me as I told her how proud of her I was, and all she said was, “Emma!” I asked, “Should go pick up Em and tell her?” And A. said (so sweetly), “Oh yes, Mama!”

When we did pick Em up, it was this very lavish reunion like we hadn’t seen her in three days instead of three hours. The girls were hugging and Em was talking a mile-a-minute about her day and her new friend. And Addie looked up at Em and said “pee-pee on the potty, Emma!”  And so I told Em that Ad had dry pants and had gone pee-pee – and I was so unprepared for Em’s reaction, I almost cried.

She put her arm around Ad all protective-like and said, “Oh, Addie. I’m so proud of you!” and then gave her a kiss on her cheek, as Addie just sat there beaming up at Em.

It may be one of the most precious moments I have ever witnessed this far between the two of them. Addie so excited and proud to tell her big sister, and her big sister so genuinely proud and excited for her.

Dear God, I love those two girls.

Wicked-ly Good Time

My sister just left this morning. That was the reason for my non-existent blogging this week…we have been having too much fun!

It is also the reason for my boo-hoo blues all day. Man, I really, really miss her already. It is amazing how you can know someone so completely, and still never have enough time to talk and tell each other all the things you need to.  We had a great dinner and went to the theater, just Meesh and I, last night. And I got to share her excitement as she watched Wicked for the first time, which was almost as enjoyable as seeing it for the second time. That is one terrific adventure!

So our revolving door of visitors is temporarily suspended, I am working on two projects due by Friday (yikes!), and trying to pack and do all the trivial little things that need to be done so we can leave for our vacation on Saturday.

Aye….in other words, my blogging drought will probably continue for a few more days. But I promise later tonight/tomorrow I’ll post the adorable video and pics of Em in her dance recital yesterday. She was a prima ballerina as always – and pretty darn good with the tap shoes, too! We were very impressed once again that she really seems to have the poise and determination of a dancer. (She was, of course, the most beautiful dancer as well. This coming from a purely unbiased mommy.)