Wicked-ly Good Time

My sister just left this morning. That was the reason for my non-existent blogging this week…we have been having too much fun!

It is also the reason for my boo-hoo blues all day. Man, I really, really miss her already. It is amazing how you can know someone so completely, and still never have enough time to talk and tell each other all the things you need to.  We had a great dinner and went to the theater, just Meesh and I, last night. And I got to share her excitement as she watched Wicked for the first time, which was almost as enjoyable as seeing it for the second time. That is one terrific adventure!

So our revolving door of visitors is temporarily suspended, I am working on two projects due by Friday (yikes!), and trying to pack and do all the trivial little things that need to be done so we can leave for our vacation on Saturday.

Aye….in other words, my blogging drought will probably continue for a few more days. But I promise later tonight/tomorrow I’ll post the adorable video and pics of Em in her dance recital yesterday. She was a prima ballerina as always – and pretty darn good with the tap shoes, too! We were very impressed once again that she really seems to have the poise and determination of a dancer. (She was, of course, the most beautiful dancer as well. This coming from a purely unbiased mommy.)

0 thoughts on “Wicked-ly Good Time

  1. There’s nothing like spending one on one time with your sister! I’m glad to hear you both had a great time. Hopefully your projects are finished on time and you’re able to pack for your upcoming vacation. Enjoy your blogging drought…and your wonderful vacation!!!! -B

  2. BRAVO Emma!

    You were fantastic, and Connor and little Emma loved every second of the dance recital.

  3. Back-to-back visits from friends and family, crazy work deadlines and then a vacation – you sure do know how to live it up! :o )

    You know, I’ve never seen “Wicked.” I guess I need to.

  4. It was a wicked-ly amazing good time! I’m so glad that I was able to come. From the Dodgers game, to the recital, the beautiful toes and wicked…a blessed memorable time. Thanks so much for having and spending the Q-time with me. I love you…

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