Our Crew

Join me in my attempt to keep our (mostly) happy little home under control. I am a part-time freelance graphic designer, and (more importantly) a full-time stay at home mommy to two beautiful girls, emma (aka gracie) and addison (aka addikins). I am crafty, frugal, impatient, considerate, conservative, loyal, a runner, a wanna-be photographer, and a little bit obsessive.  I tend to write like I think, with lots of pauses…(random thoughts) — and run-on sentences.

The “best Daddy in the world”, two kitties and a turtle named “Tuck” round out our little crew.

One thought on “Our Crew

  1. Thanks for the tip about Picasa and the locket pictures! I’ll have to check that out. Of course, I’ve been hinting at wanting a new photo printer for a while now and our anniversary is in 2 weeks, so I might wait it out!

    How are you liking wordpress? I just started the process of thinking about moving everything over, mainly so that I could increase my photo sizes, but I don’t know anything about anything yet. Was it tough?

    Hope to see you next Thursday!

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