Happy 17 in Quarantine!

Dear Emma Grace -

This has been the craziest month and will most certainly be one of your most memorable birthdays…Ever. When I said I was certain you would make history one day, I’m not entirely sure this was the kind of history I was thinking, but here we are.

Today is day 28 of our Quarantine, and despite being a little stir-crazy, you are taking it all in stride, like you have taken most things for the past 17 years.


While we have been enjoying our “together time” with everything cancelled and nothing on our calendar, I do realize what a bummer it is celebrating your birthday in quarantine. This birthday also serves as a reminder that we only have one more year with you in the nest before you fly off into the world.



But like I write every year, it has been pure joy watching you grow into such an amazing, caring, thoughtful, compassionate and loving kid.

Your patience with your sister…





Your continued activism on behalf of the injustices of the world…



And your insanely funny sense of humor and outlook on life -




…it all seems to have no bounds. And from our front seat view to all of it, it has been awe-inspiring to watch, and makes us so, so proud, Gracie Girl.



Now as we move to the “back seat,” and you drive full speed ahead into this last year of high school, I will keep reminding myself that you have all you need to go out and make your mark on this world. Go out and change it. Go make (good) history. (Ok, except for that list of “things we need to make sure you know before you go to college – but we have a year to check them all off!)

So much love to you in this “last” year filled with so many lasts and so many milestones. And remember if you need Daddy and I you only need to turn around and we’ll be right behind you!

Happy 17, Beautiful Girl.
Love you so much,

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