A Year of Quarantine Birthdays – 15!!

Dear Addikins -

When I wrote Em’s birthday letter earlier this year, I couldn’t imagine that when your 15th rolled around we would still be stuck in the middle of a pandemic…but here we are. Still no real “normal” in sight. You are virtual schooling via Zoom as I type this, and we are 180+ days into our quarantine, yet still you seem to be thriving through all of this.


You have flown through your first year of high school (and killed it!), you have dedicated yourself to figuring out your “healthy” lifestyle, taken up running, are teaching yourself the guitar, taken on a massive garden renovation project at church, and have really started to figure out your own identity. It has been a busy past year for you.


All the while doing it with grace, confidence, compassion…and most of all, style!



Whatever your year of “15″ brings, I have no doubt you will conquer it in true “Addie-style.”

DSC_0240 Love you with all my heart, beautiful Rosie Toes. Happy Birthday.

Love Always,

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