Just Remember ~ Best Shot Monday


Dear Emma Gracie -

I know it is hard sometimes, but here are a few things I hope you will always remember:

  • When she goes into your room and messes with your stuff, remember it is just stuff and she often shares her things with you, too.
  • When you get mad and want to snap at her, remember you are one of her most important role models. She is always watching you and how you handle things.
  • When she wants to borrow your clothes, remember some day you’ll be able to wear hers too, and then you’ll have double the wardrobe.
  • When she wants to tag along and play with you and your friends, remember she looks up to you “big girls” and just wants to be like you.
  • When you feel weary, sad or lonely, just remember you have a built-in best friend who is always there.

Just remember…she will always be your sister. And I hope you never forget what an incredible gift that is.


10 thoughts on “Just Remember ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Oh this made me tear up. I remember being SO irritated by my sister and now I just can’t wait for her to arrive and visit (one moth to go!!!!!). It makes me sad that the BA doesn’t have a lovely sister like Emmie and Addie each have….

  2. I could have written the EXACT same thing over here. It’s so tough to be a big sister and the tolerate lessens are so hard these days. And boy do the youngers try so hard to keep up. Keep reminding her. One day they’ll get the message.

  3. My mother use to tell me all these things when I was younger (I am an older sister). She was so right about the built in best friend. We’ve had the up and downs and she is totally my best friend.
    I love the shot, so sweet!

  4. Oh Carrie! such perfect wisdom. being a sister os hard…but also so incredibly wonderful. Your posts have such a way of making me yearn for another little girl to share that bond with N!

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