Sweet, sweet 16!

Dear sweet (and 16!) Addie -

I have been trying to write this letter all week and between all the stops and starts I am just finding it so difficult to wrap my head around this birthday. I know you feel like it is a FINALLY 16, but I can’t help but think it is ALREADY 16?!

This past year you have made huge leaps in practically every single way. The obvious…you have grown at least 4 inches. So yes, I’m definitely – officially – the shortest in the family and (although she claims she is still taller!) I think you might have surpassed Em, as well.

Carrie, Jamie, Emma and Addie

It has been amazing to watch your maturity grow over the past year and I am awed as you have found your voice and ability to advocate for yourself, and for what you need to thrive. And then, not only recognizing that you had to make some changes…but being brave enough to make the changes happen. Those are both skills that many 40-year old women haven’t mastered yet and you are just hitting your stride!

Carrie, Jamie, Emma and Addie

Carrie, Jamie, Emma and Addie

We already know how demanding Junior year can be having lived through it with Em, but I feeling that you are up to the challenge. You have the confidence, determination, intelligence and style to get you through it all..and if that fails…your funny, sarcastic wit will completely keep you going – and of course you will always look so stylish doing it!

Here is hoping that 16 is the best yet.
Love you with all of my heart…always!



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