End of an Era

It has been awhile since I have participated, but as I was catching up with Tracey I saw that she is retiring Best Shot Monday. It is the end of an era, folks. I can’t believe that my very first BSM was nearly 4 years ago. The girls were mere babies…no, really – Addie was not even one yet!

It has been a very fun four years and although – like I said – I haven’t been joining in as much lately, I do have to thank Tracey and BSMs for making me pick up my camera and really look through the lens.

And so I leave you with one final Best Shot. My favorite of the past week.

New Piano

Heavenly ~ Best Shot Monday


Saturday afternoon I was doing my homework, trying to learn the story I was to do for Sunday school the next day. Addie crept out into the dining room and didn’t say a word to me, not even asking what I was doing, and sat down and just started playing with the story pieces. After a bit, I had finished with my work, but Addie sat and played with hers for another 20 minutes. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to sneak out to take a shot of her. She looked like an angel with the sunlight streaming through her hair, while sitting and quietly putting the pieces to the Good Shepherd puzzle together in her head.

Alright, you knew that I couldn’t just take one shot…a few others, too.





For more heavenly shots -


Birthday Wish ~ Best Shot Monday

This isn’t my shot – I was actually delivering the cupcakes – I think either Jam or Uncle Jeff took this one. But it is the one photo that stopped me as I was downloading my camera tonight.

I just love the look on her face. She was so excited by every little part of turning seven. From having all of her very best friends over for the tea party, to the family date night, to all of the awesome wishes and gifts from family and friends, I think she was a little overwhelmed this weekend, but I think she has decided that seven is a pretty good thing.

DSC_0317 copy.jpg


All creatures great and small…

Despite the time change and a very tired crew, we made it to the tidepools yesterday.


And it was a success. We actually lucked into a guided tidepool walk and were treated to a whole bunch of useful information on finding and naming tidepool creatures. Em is officially ready to tackle her diorama now.


I love that photo above of her cradling the hermit crab, but I had to crop in on the incredible little crab…can you see his eyes and the dash of color on his little stripey legs? So cool!


There is indeed nothing like a day at the ocean to chase all of your worries and cares away – no matter how great or small they might be.



Kindergarten Bound.

Our little birdy is ready for kindergarten.

Not that we needed a preschool conference to tell us this, but they did indeed verify that we have another little miss smartypants on our hands. And…she is most definitely ready for kinder in the fall.

Her teachers also said she is a “pure joy to have in class” and they have apparently never experienced a classic Addie complete meltdown.

Uh huh.

At any rate, Addie was most excited to tell any, and every one on Friday, “Miss Jayne said I can go to kindergarten now!” Guess who was most excited for her? Yep, Emmy Gracie.

Yesterday I snuck in and grabbed this photo while big sister was coaching her baby sis. Em was helping Addie with her k-garten workbook. Reading the directions to her. Applauding her when she figured out the right answer.

This was my most favorite moment of the weekend. I also decided in that moment I experienced one of the “top five” feelings a mom can experience. Pure pride at having not one, but two, fantastic, smart and caring girls.



One for you, two for me ~ Best Shot Monday

I haven’t talked much about Ad’s school lately. And we actually have two days off this coming week for conferences. Yes, conferences…for preschool! What are they going to tell us? “Well, she doesn’t eat as much glue any more, she is progressing nicely?”

Maybe I’m feeling a little snarky because this week is the week. THE week we register her for kindergarten in the fall. I can hardly think of it without getting a giant lump in my throat.


But much like my hesitation at first in sending her to preschool, I know deep down that come fall it will be time for her to move along. She is so ready, and so very excited. While she might not have the…ah, shall we say school acumen that her older sister has, she shares the same excitement about going to school. And she still asks every single day, “On this day do I get to go to school?”


This past week was her 100th day of school so they were instructed to bring in 100 somethings. It could be anything. I was pulling for Cheerios, or stickers, but Emma pipes up with, “Hey! We should get jellybeans! That would be fun!”

And since our little “never-met-a-candy-she-doesn’t-like Sugar Bear” thought that she might get a few jellybeans on the side, she heartily agreed that it must be jellybeans.

So she counted out her 100 jellybeans…


And then had to recount them, since some of her piles seem to be down a few…


And then after about a dozen of the beans, she declared, “I don’t think I really like these jellybeans, Mama. They taste like crayons.”

How she knows what crayons taste like? We’ll never know. But I do know that I love these sweet cheeks with all my heart.


(And yes, there is a definite quota each day on how many times I need to kiss them.)


It’s a scene, man.

No really.  It was a crazy Girl Scout cookie scene around our house this weekend. Still kind of is, at least until we can get all these cookies delivered and out the door.


Look one way in our dining room, and there are piles of cookies…


Look the other way, and more cookies…


And in the other corner? We have…yep, more cookies…


I know I have been bragging a bit, ok, a LOT about my Emma lately. And if you can stand it, I just need to do a wee bit more. I am so very proud of her. It really is very fulfilling to watch her literally blossom in front of our eyes. She worked so very hard  to get the cookie orders put together. She read the orders and filled out the thank you and payment slips, while J. and Addie pulled the cookie boxes together and then I bundled them up all pretty-like. It was a nice little assembly line we had going on.

But then, while J. and I were out yesterday afternoon, Em went and made special thank you notes for all of her customers who bought a lot of boxes. And that is why I have to make this my Best Shot for this fine Monday.


Beyond the chaos, Em’s bedhead and jammies, and the hundreds of boxes of cookies we have to get delivered, I only see my sweet little girl working so hard to become a responsible big girl. And it just makes me smile.