Delicious Weekend ~ Best Shot Monday

A weekend filled with summer-like fun. Pools, popsicles, birthdays, and a little bit of relaxation, too.



Simply delicious.


8 thoughts on “Delicious Weekend ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. too funny, carrie — as melody said, i’m going with popsicles, too:). love that it’s even on her forehead.

  2. I am trying not to be jealous that you guys are already swimming. I love the popsicle on her forehead. I hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. That little Addie is losing her little girl look pretty quickly! She is still adorable but now that she is starting school, she seems to have made it her business to look more grown up! BOO!!!!!!

  4. I love the shot with it all over her face. She looks like she is really enjoying it. Hope your spring break is going well!

  5. it doesn’t get any better that this!

    and yes, i am getting a tad jealous of all the folks out swimming! Swimming and popsicles! Nirvana I’d say :)

  6. What happened to Texas and California being on similar weather patterns?? it has not been swimsuit weather here! Or maybe I’ve just truly acclimated to the heat, and 75 feels cool and balmy since I know the triple digits are coming. ;)

    P.S. *hitting play on the tape recorder* Addie is looking SO BIG!

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