It’s a scene, man.

No really.  It was a crazy Girl Scout cookie scene around our house this weekend. Still kind of is, at least until we can get all these cookies delivered and out the door.


Look one way in our dining room, and there are piles of cookies…


Look the other way, and more cookies…


And in the other corner? We have…yep, more cookies…


I know I have been bragging a bit, ok, a LOT about my Emma lately. And if you can stand it, I just need to do a wee bit more. I am so very proud of her. It really is very fulfilling to watch her literally blossom in front of our eyes. She worked so very hard  to get the cookie orders put together. She read the orders and filled out the thank you and payment slips, while J. and Addie pulled the cookie boxes together and then I bundled them up all pretty-like. It was a nice little assembly line we had going on.

But then, while J. and I were out yesterday afternoon, Em went and made special thank you notes for all of her customers who bought a lot of boxes. And that is why I have to make this my Best Shot for this fine Monday.


Beyond the chaos, Em’s bedhead and jammies, and the hundreds of boxes of cookies we have to get delivered, I only see my sweet little girl working so hard to become a responsible big girl. And it just makes me smile.

They’re here….


…Girl Scout cookies, my friends. Would you like to buy some from this sweet, little Daisy?

I remember selling cookies when I was a Brownie, or…rather, I remember my Dad selling boxes and boxes for me at his office. So I coached Em into flashing her puppy-dog eyes at the breakfast table this morning while she asked her Daddy to take her order form to the office. Of course we were successful on that front. And now she and I have to hit the neighborhood streets, too.

And be prepared Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles – Emmy will be calling to read you one of her famous scripts.
(Wait for it…it is pretty funny but might be hard to resist!)