Kindergarten Bound.

Our little birdy is ready for kindergarten.

Not that we needed a preschool conference to tell us this, but they did indeed verify that we have another little miss smartypants on our hands. And…she is most definitely ready for kinder in the fall.

Her teachers also said she is a “pure joy to have in class” and they have apparently never experienced a classic Addie complete meltdown.

Uh huh.

At any rate, Addie was most excited to tell any, and every one on Friday, “Miss Jayne said I can go to kindergarten now!” Guess who was most excited for her? Yep, Emmy Gracie.

Yesterday I snuck in and grabbed this photo while big sister was coaching her baby sis. Em was helping Addie with her k-garten workbook. Reading the directions to her. Applauding her when she figured out the right answer.

This was my most favorite moment of the weekend. I also decided in that moment I experienced one of the “top five” feelings a mom can experience. Pure pride at having not one, but two, fantastic, smart and caring girls.



10 thoughts on “Kindergarten Bound.

  1. Wow! Kindergarten! Amazing how fast it all goes – I’ve got a couple of years before Caden will be there, but I know it is going to FLY by!

  2. Kindergarten. How is it that they make that leap from preschool so quickly? And how awesome are you to be so cool with it? I’m kind of secretly glad that Bryce isn’t going off to “the big school” just yet. :)

  3. K. – OH…I’m not cool with it. Not at all…I’m scared that I’m going to create quite the scene on the first day of school….I need Jamie to escort the girls to school next fall because Mama is going to be a puddle…

  4. That picture of the two of them is great!! Such serious work going on there. It is wonderful that Emma is such a cheerleader for Addie. Just how you wanted the two of them to be!
    You might be a puddle when she starts school but I would bet that she won’t know that! You wouldn’t do anything to spoil that BIG day of hers — even if you aren’t feeling that it is such a big day! At least you have a few months to practice!

  5. I love this photo, such a great moment to have captured.
    I experience the same thing the other day. Francesco was “teaching” Nicolo new words and even if what he (Nicolo) said was not quite right even the attempt to repeat his (Francesco’s) words go a “Good Job” from Francesco. It was a moment I wanted to go on forever.

  6. Well, isn’t that just the sweetest thing?! That must just make your mommy heart burst with pride and joy…and that preculiar bittersweetness that mothers know so well. I must admit, I’m glad we get another year before K. :)

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