Trike’n It

Just when I thought it was safe to put the ‘ol checkbook away, Addie’s school has decided to do a trike-a-thon. Much like the Em’s jog-a-thon, only with…well, trikes and bikes.

I admire the creativity of our schools in finding new ways to raise the much needed funds and honestly I am very thankful we are not selling the horrid boxed candy. So we will be there, cheering on all the preschoolers.

We got a much needed new helmet for the occasion.

Biker Minnie Pearl

We will be removing the Minnie Pearl price tag before Saturday, of course.

And you can bet I will be taking photos. Fifty preschoolers riding around a track? I’m sure some sort of hilarity will ensue. Emma said to me today, “A trike-a-thon is probably going to be very dangerous, don’t you think Mama? All those kids on bikes, they are all going to fall down! I don’t think it is a very good idea.”

Yes, yes. They probably will. This coming from the (now 6-year old) girl who still panics when you let go of her bike without training wheels.

Yesterday morning Addie crawled in bed with us before it was time to get up and I asked her if she had asked Daddy for some “trike money.” There is nothing sweeter than hearing her little raspy-morning voice squeak out, “Will you sponsor me, Daddy?” (SUCKER!) And she has since asked me three or four times, but when I try to get her to call or ask relatives and friends, she won’t do it. She freezes up.

Thumbs up

But if you want to sponsor her, I know she would appreciate it and you’d at least get a very big “thumbs up!”

I’m a big girl now.

Last week I was reading the Sunday paper…um, ok. So really my version of reading the paper = I just scan the front page, maybe the Image or Home section, and then move onto the real reason for the Sunday newspaper, the ads.

Anyway, I was looking through the Target ad (really the only ad that matters) and suddenly it struck me and I blurted out, “Hey! Do you realize we never have to buy diapers or pull-ups ever again!”

J. looked up from his paper (he was more than likely reading the “real news” or at least the Sports or Travel section) a little surprised at my outburst. “Um. Yeah. I hope not, at least.”

Clearly not as excited about my revelation as I was. But Addie has been full-on in big girl panties at night for well over a month with not one accident. I’m beyond proud of her! She decided that one night that she was a “big girl, not a baby, Mama!” and we have not looked back since. I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again because it bears repeating) the “magic” in potty training is just being patient until the kid is ready. Because anything up to that point is just wasted energy.

I actually had planned on putting a pull-up on Addie while we were on our cruise because I figured she’d be tired, in a strange bed, and hadn’t been doing the underwear at night thing for very long before we left, and I didn’t want her to have an accident. But…I forgot to pack them. So, by default we slept in underwear the whole week and didn’t have a single problem.

The night we got back into town, we had been at the airport/traveling for well over 12 hours that day and she had fallen asleep. J. carried her upstairs and put her on her bed and I wrestled her out of her clothing, trying not to wake her up, to put jammies on her. (She had been playing in the airport and plane all day and um…ewww. ) I figured she had had a lot to drink, but hadn’t hit the bathroom, on top of that she was extremely tired all of which could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

So I tried to put a pull-up on her but as soon as I got one leg in, she sat straight up, wide awake and exclaimed, “NO, Mama! No diapers! I need my big girl wears!”

I tried to explain to her that I thought she might have an accident because she hadn’t gone to the potty. She slid off the bed and marched into the bathroom saying the whole way, “NO I won’t. I need my big girl underwear!”

Finally Mama got it through her thick head, we are not going back from where we came. We are done with any thing that has to do with diapers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we are completely problem-free. We had a little funny incident while on our picnic yesterday:

A: “Mama! My underwears gottasome problem!”
E: “Oh, I think she has a ‘bushie,’ Mama.”
M: “A what??”
E: “A ‘bushie!’ When your underwear goes up your bottom kinda?”
M: “A wedgie?”
E: (Peals of laughter) “Yeah! What did I call it?” (More laughing…)

Yeah. I think a “bushie” is something entirely different.

Always with the tongue...

Ring Around Our Rosey

Maybe it is because of one of her (many) nicknames, “Rosey Toes,” but Addie is infatuated with Ring Around the Rosey (or is it Rosie, or Rosy?) right now.

Talking Em into playing with her…


Ring around the Rosey…


Pocket full of ashes…


We all fall down!


Recruit a new player – start all over again.