I’m a big girl now.

Last week I was reading the Sunday paper…um, ok. So really my version of reading the paper = I just scan the front page, maybe the Image or Home section, and then move onto the real reason for the Sunday newspaper, the ads.

Anyway, I was looking through the Target ad (really the only ad that matters) and suddenly it struck me and I blurted out, “Hey! Do you realize we never have to buy diapers or pull-ups ever again!”

J. looked up from his paper (he was more than likely reading the “real news” or at least the Sports or Travel section) a little surprised at my outburst. “Um. Yeah. I hope not, at least.”

Clearly not as excited about my revelation as I was. But Addie has been full-on in big girl panties at night for well over a month with not one accident. I’m beyond proud of her! She decided that one night that she was a “big girl, not a baby, Mama!” and we have not looked back since. I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again because it bears repeating) the “magic” in potty training is just being patient until the kid is ready. Because anything up to that point is just wasted energy.

I actually had planned on putting a pull-up on Addie while we were on our cruise because I figured she’d be tired, in a strange bed, and hadn’t been doing the underwear at night thing for very long before we left, and I didn’t want her to have an accident. But…I forgot to pack them. So, by default we slept in underwear the whole week and didn’t have a single problem.

The night we got back into town, we had been at the airport/traveling for well over 12 hours that day and she had fallen asleep. J. carried her upstairs and put her on her bed and I wrestled her out of her clothing, trying not to wake her up, to put jammies on her. (She had been playing in the airport and plane all day and um…ewww. ) I figured she had had a lot to drink, but hadn’t hit the bathroom, on top of that she was extremely tired all of which could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

So I tried to put a pull-up on her but as soon as I got one leg in, she sat straight up, wide awake and exclaimed, “NO, Mama! No diapers! I need my big girl wears!”

I tried to explain to her that I thought she might have an accident because she hadn’t gone to the potty. She slid off the bed and marched into the bathroom saying the whole way, “NO I won’t. I need my big girl underwear!”

Finally Mama got it through her thick head, we are not going back from where we came. We are done with any thing that has to do with diapers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we are completely problem-free. We had a little funny incident while on our picnic yesterday:

A: “Mama! My underwears gottasome problem!”
E: “Oh, I think she has a ‘bushie,’ Mama.”
M: “A what??”
E: “A ‘bushie!’ When your underwear goes up your bottom kinda?”
M: “A wedgie?”
E: (Peals of laughter) “Yeah! What did I call it?” (More laughing…)

Yeah. I think a “bushie” is something entirely different.

Always with the tongue...

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  1. Oh my gosh. This just made my day. A ‘bushie’? Hilarious.

    We’re trying to decide when to start the potty training thing with Ethan. Our Emma was so easy…I’ve heard that boys are harder.

  2. Oh, gosh. I already was not wanting to know what a “bushie” was. Too funny. My littlest will come to me with her wedgies for me to pick. I kinda do and kinda don’t want her to outgrow that.

  3. Way to go Addie — what a big girl!!

    And a bushie?! Luckily I read this BEFORE I was sitting in class, because I’m pretty sure that the fit of laughter than ensued would have given away the fact that I wasn’t really paying attention to the lecture…

  4. bushie—ha ha ha I’m still laughing. oh, how i’d love to be there when she figures that one out. Way to go Miss Addie Ro—-YOU ARE A BIG GIRL!!

  5. HOORAY for your big revelation of no more diapers and pull-ups!!!

    And I totally agree wtih you on the being patient thing….when they are ready – they are ready. Our pediatrician “warned” us early on that this is totally a matter of choice and control for the child…something they realize their parents cannot MAKE them do. So, until they are ready…it ain’t happening. And the more a parent tries to force the issue – the more control the child realizes he/she has.
    So just put the idea out there for them, ask about it here and again and make sure that when the time comes, they firmly believe the whole thing was their idea in the first place!

  6. A bushie?! I read that and seriously started cracking up. What a goofus!

    Super big huge congrats to Addie – and you! That’s one step towards big girlness I won’t mind in the least. It’s still a long way off here, tho. N has zero interest in the potty now…and I’m not pushing it, but I’m starting to get frustrated.

  7. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling to be DONE with pullups. What a big girl!

    We’ve had a few accidents (yesterday to be exact) but overall the kids have been really good once they were done with the pullups.

  8. Yup. We skipped pull ups altogether. It’s a great feeling. But….what IS a bushie? Here it’s an old guy who lives out in the bush!

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