They’re here….


…Girl Scout cookies, my friends. Would you like to buy some from this sweet, little Daisy?

I remember selling cookies when I was a Brownie, or…rather, I remember my Dad selling boxes and boxes for me at his office. So I coached Em into flashing her puppy-dog eyes at the breakfast table this morning while she asked her Daddy to take her order form to the office. Of course we were successful on that front. And now she and I have to hit the neighborhood streets, too.

And be prepared Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles – Emmy will be calling to read you one of her famous scripts.
(Wait for it…it is pretty funny but might be hard to resist!)

6 thoughts on “They’re here….

  1. “Cookies for you in ’82″ was our slogan. Yikes, I wish I could say that was ’92. I was top seller and won a visor. I can’t believe the times have changed so much that back then I was allowed to walk with my sister all over the subdivision all by myself. That sweet face will surely sell several more boxes than the rest.

  2. I am sure she will sell tons of cookies. That shirt is so cute. It doesn’t hurt that girl scout cookies are the best!!

  3. Don’t tell that sweet-faced little Daisy but we are already planning to buy ours from her. But I want to hear the phone call before she finds out the news.

  4. Great shirt!!!
    I just bought 6 boxes from my niece and 3 boxes from our neighbor. They show up right in time or Orthodox lent… so they are ALL MINE!

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