Didn’t think I’d be having this conversation with my 4-year old so soon.

A: Mama can girls be boys?
M: What’s that?
A: Can a girl become a boy if she wants to?
M: Ah…well…um…huh. I don’t know what you mean.
(I’m not usually known for being super quick on my feet, but in my defense…hadn’t had my coffee and was caught a little off guard!)
A: Oh. Well, Bear just told me that she doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. She wants to be a boy Bear, and be Cookie’s brother.
M: Oh. OH! Yeah. Ok, well I’ll try to remember that Bear is a boy from now on.

It’s a Bear’s prerogative to change her, er…his mind, I suppose.


(This photo has nothing to do with Bear, but J. is traveling all week and he is going to need his girly fix. So be prepared for lots o’ photos. We miss you, Daddy. Come home soon!)

This & That Thursday

Thursday again? That was a quick week!


Poor Addikins. Did you happen to hear the screams yesterday? She had to have 5 shots. (That is 1, 2, 3, 4, FIVE!!!) It was terrifying. For Mommy. I got a flu shot first to show her how easy it was and then had to HOLD.HER.DOWN. while she was stuck five times. Did I mention she had five shots? The poor thing. It was a wee bit traumatic.


Therefore, pretty much anything Miss Addie wanted yesterday, she got. “Mama? My tummy really thinks it wants McDonald’s for lunch.”


“I will go up and pick out my own clothes for the park, Mama.”

Alrighty then.


Yep. She really did go out like that. And, Yep. I really did tell her she looked fabulous.
All I know is…my arm aches. Those flu shots don’t mess around. Ouch.

J. is on the first of his whirlwind October travels and we are all missing him already. So to fill our afternoon we headed to the park, after we picked Em up from Chess Masters that is. Yes, you read that right. Chess Masters. She came home so psyched last week about the club that teaches you to play chess! And you get to play with a life-sized chess board!

So, we said, why not? It might make for some craziness for a few years, but she needs to explore and figure out what really gets her excited. Now when Addie gets to this stage and I can’t keep up with the two of them, I’m going to have to put my foot down and make them start choosing. But for now, she has added Chess Master to her repertoire.


I think that taking a break from my camera, is very smart for me. I feel like I get to the point where I get stale and uninspired. And then after a few weeks of not looking through my viewfinder, I find that I am pleasantly surprised when I download my photos at the end of the day.

My new favorite photo of Em…


This one isn’t too bad either. I love it when she scrunches her nose up like this.


I have high hopes that this weekend is going to be productive and relaxing at the same time. That is possible isn’t it?

Mama? On this day am I four?

I heard that question every morning for two whole weeks before she finally was indeed, four years old.

And then the day I finally got to say “Yes, THIS day you are four,” she kind of slept in. I had to practically sit on Emmy to keep her from going to wake Ad up, she was so excited.

Addie finally sprung out of bed, threw on the dress she had picked out three days prior for her birthday, and clamored downstairs to get the day started.

First stop – she “hugged” her pinata to check if Mama had filled it with candy. I had, and she could barely lift it.


Next, she checked out her chalk-card in the courtyard.


And then we opened some presents! I think one of her favorites was a pettiskirt that I had bought for her almost 2 months ago. It went on straight-away.


We got Em off to school, and Daddy off to work and then we went to finish up last minute party preparations. And had a little birthday lunch – noodles at Corner Bakery – Addie’s choice, of course. (If I had known we were going to try to do a little self-portrait, I might have put a spot of makeup on. And a different lens on my camera. Next time…)


Then Em came home from school and we waited for the bounce house to be assembled.


And waited for our guests to arrive.


We were ready.


Finally the guests came, and we jumped…with the pettiskirt, of course! It did not leave her body and looked gorgeous bouncing around all day.


Even when the bouncing turned into tackling.


We discovered Daddy’s hidden talent of making balloon animals. He figured it out, kinda on the fly, and then all the kids waited in line for a balloon creation.


We did a little craft, the kids all decorated their own frames to take home.


We ate some pizza.


We waited patiently for Daddy to get the pinata hung up.


And, after all the kids had a whack at the pinata, Addie took a second shot at it. With a little help from Daddy (and some strategically placed cuts), Addie finally freed all of the candy.


And on top of all that sugar, we needed just a little bit more. Time for cake.


Hey, that’s me in a photo! Thanks to my friend, Kristen for the photo, and J. for the video.


Can I have one more cupcake, Mama?


Overall? I think we did ok.

Addie told me when I was tucking her in, “Today was my best birthday ever, Mama.” I know she really only remembers two, maybe three, birthdays – so that isn’t saying much. And it is a lot of work and effort, but I think I’m going to strive to hear her say that every single year.


It is so worth it.

The party is over…

Whew. She is officially four and the partying is finally over.


She had a great birthday, but it technically started a few weeks ago when we started celebrating it at Disneyland. I’ve had this post (in pieces) for over a week now, but I’m finally getting it out.

“So, it is my birthday…and I get to pick everything we do, right?


First up, the Dumbo ride.


Dumbo always has a wait. So while we were in line, Em and Addie tried to convince me that they could go on their own.


They could not. And did not.


However, we found out that Addie is tall enough to go on Big Thunder Mountain. So she rode it with Daddy.


We were all excited for her. Daddy asked if she liked it when it was over and she said all seriously, “Yes. But I don’t want to ride it again.” It was so funny.

Also funny? Watching Addie try to direct the goats in the petting zoo for a little photo shoot.


No. Look this way. Say cheeeeeese!


To get a good photo, you have to get right down to the goat’s level.


Oh, the pin. The Happy Birthday pin. Once she had it on and people started wishing her a happy day, she was all smiles and made sure that everyone could see it.


And Alice took a break from Wonderland and the parade to wish her a Happy day.


Addie could hardly believe it. “Did you see who I just high-fived?”


And then, the highlight of the day.

Addie got asked to come out and dance with the cast members. I thought there was absolutely no way she would go out there. But she did, and after he coaxed her a bit, she even twisted a little. It was priceless. Thank God J. got it on video…

Next up, the party continues. We’ll fast forward to the real party.