The party is over…

Whew. She is officially four and the partying is finally over.


She had a great birthday, but it technically started a few weeks ago when we started celebrating it at Disneyland. I’ve had this post (in pieces) for over a week now, but I’m finally getting it out.

“So, it is my birthday…and I get to pick everything we do, right?


First up, the Dumbo ride.


Dumbo always has a wait. So while we were in line, Em and Addie tried to convince me that they could go on their own.


They could not. And did not.


However, we found out that Addie is tall enough to go on Big Thunder Mountain. So she rode it with Daddy.


We were all excited for her. Daddy asked if she liked it when it was over and she said all seriously, “Yes. But I don’t want to ride it again.” It was so funny.

Also funny? Watching Addie try to direct the goats in the petting zoo for a little photo shoot.


No. Look this way. Say cheeeeeese!


To get a good photo, you have to get right down to the goat’s level.


Oh, the pin. The Happy Birthday pin. Once she had it on and people started wishing her a happy day, she was all smiles and made sure that everyone could see it.


And Alice took a break from Wonderland and the parade to wish her a Happy day.


Addie could hardly believe it. “Did you see who I just high-fived?”


And then, the highlight of the day.

Addie got asked to come out and dance with the cast members. I thought there was absolutely no way she would go out there. But she did, and after he coaxed her a bit, she even twisted a little. It was priceless. Thank God J. got it on video…

Next up, the party continues. We’ll fast forward to the real party.

8 thoughts on “The party is over…

  1. I love it when they say they liked something, but never want to do it again. We got that from our Emma a few times when we took her to King’s Island and again in Disney World. So funny.

    Happy Birthday, again, Addie!

  2. A princess high five and dancing with the cast! Hey – I’d love to see how those goat photos turned out! She looked like she was quite determined to get some good photos! :)

  3. This post is just oozing with the cute factor! Addie and the goats –! I want to see her photo! :) And how awesome is she in the video doing the twist?!

  4. This is priceless! I love her timid little twisty-action…and the skirt makes it all the better! :) Looks like she had a great time…can’t wait to hear about the party!

  5. If that’s not a little girl’s ultimate birthday, I don’t know what is! She knows how to work it. Love the goat photoshoot – can almost hear her directing from here! Do we get to see her photos?

    P.S. Her shoes are too cute!

  6. How fun!! Harrison made me ride Big Thunder Mountain last week, too. We had a blast and this time I didn’t feel like hw was going to go flying out! I also took him on Splash Mountain for the first time. he was laughing so hard at the end after the drop – mission success!

    He wants to ride Indiana Jones but he’s got four inches to grow and I’m not rushing that!

    Happy Birthday to Addie again!

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