Didn’t think I’d be having this conversation with my 4-year old so soon.

A: Mama can girls be boys?
M: What’s that?
A: Can a girl become a boy if she wants to?
M: Ah…well…um…huh. I don’t know what you mean.
(I’m not usually known for being super quick on my feet, but in my defense…hadn’t had my coffee and was caught a little off guard!)
A: Oh. Well, Bear just told me that she doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. She wants to be a boy Bear, and be Cookie’s brother.
M: Oh. OH! Yeah. Ok, well I’ll try to remember that Bear is a boy from now on.

It’s a Bear’s prerogative to change her, er…his mind, I suppose.


(This photo has nothing to do with Bear, but J. is traveling all week and he is going to need his girly fix. So be prepared for lots o’ photos. We miss you, Daddy. Come home soon!)

9 thoughts on “Um….

  1. Now you’re going to have to ponder that question so you’ll be prepared the next time she asks. :) Oh, and the photo? Silky smooth perfection!

  2. hahaha! this so makes me laugh, as our TedBear over here has an ambiguous gendger identity. He is a HE….except for when Nadia feels like dressing him up in frilly dresses. Actually, come to think of it – she still calls TedBear a boy, even while dressed like that! LOL

  3. LOVE the shirts for that soon-to-be arriving baby!! Your new business is so exciting and so you!! And Addie — that kid is just too cute! LOL at the girl-boy question. That is very likely only the beginning of such things coming out of her.

  4. So funny.

    Zoe has a couple of kids that confuse her this year.

    There is a little boy who has kind of longish wavy blond hair… and 1/2 the time he comes to school with a ponytail in the back. Otherwise he is very “boy”. The ponytail has her full of questions every time. She doesn’t care what we tell her. “Doesn’t he know that ponytails are for girls mommy? Are you sure he’s not a girl? Doesn’t his mommy know she should take him to the hair cut store?”

    Then… there is a little girl who wears “boy clothes”… and likes to play “boy things”. I actually wasn’t sure on the 1st day of school if she was a girl or boy. I had to word my question to the teacher very carefully… and asked something like “and who is that?” while pointing. The first day she was wearing a blue and red rugby type shirt, soccer shorts, black socks, and navy blue sneakers. She has a short haircut… very short bob. Again… Zoe is full of questions “Why does she like to play just with the boys? Why won’t she play with the girls? Doesn’t she like dresses? Are you sure she’s not a boy?”

    I didn’t think I’d be having so many conversations about gender stereotypes.

  5. Oh… and Nick is away again now. Columbia this time. Ugh.

    It’s too bad we live on opposite sides of the country… we could commiserate on our “single mother” status.

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