Gonna Need Another Parka.

I had my hand ON my camera on the way to the pool tonight because I was taking photos of other stuff around the house, and I decided not to take it.

Aaaarrrgghh! The head swim coach decided that it would be a great time to try Addie’s swim class in Lane 1 – where Em usually swims with the swim team. The pee-wees were overjoyed and ran down to the other side of the pool and Addison Rose was the first to jump in. Her coach asked them to swim the length of the pool…and Addie took off – her freestyle wasn’t technically perfect, but she was determined to get to the end first…and she did. And then turned around and backstroked the whole way back.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited she was to be swimming with Emma! With the swim team! In Lane 1! In the deep end! And because I chose this night to not bring my camera, I only have crappy iPhone pics of my two fishies like this…


The coach said that Addie will be ready for the Tsunami Jr. team this summer. Although we are going to have to trade in her bombshell (cute!) swimsuit for a more practical, aerodynamic speedo suit. That might be a deal breaker for my fashionista…


Little Fishy in a Parka.

I promised Em a swim parka if she stuck with the swim team for a few months and really worked hard. The swimming is still going strong and she has definitely stuck by it. She knew her parka was waiting for her at swim on Monday and she couldn’t get to the pool fast enough. She got to celebrate her new parka with her friend Avery and now it is hard to get her to take it off.


Newest fishy in the sea.

Her month of hard work has paid off. Her coach told her last night she is ready to move onto the swim team.


She literally “lit up” when they told her. She is clearly very proud of making the team and I am so very proud of her, too.

And I am very impressed with her desire to get into the freezing pool every single night to practice. And also that she has a seriously wicked butterfly stroke. So much better than her mama’s…by far. Her Coach walked her through it for the first time last night and I think surprised everyone with how quickly she got it.

Now whenever Coach T. says they are going to do a race, Em asks “can we do the butterfly stroke?” (Cue the rest of the class groaning and complaining.) I just pray she continues to be so in love with swimming when she is required to swim an hour every night of the week.

(Tonight’s photo credit goes to Addie. She is not going to be impressed with spending that much more time at the pool, I can tell you that much.)


Well Addie is, at least. Emma? I had to practically drag the girl out of the pool by her hair this afternoon. I really think she has gills. So, a few more pool photos, if you can stand it. I’m sure it won’t be the last of them, although it might be if Addie has any say in it.

“Is this day my last day of swimming with Miss Carrie, Mama?”

I kid you not, those were her very first words out of her mouth this morning, before “G’ Mowrning, Mama,” even. (Which she always starts the morning cuddle with.) She just got so nerved up and anxious during her swim lessons – but she can actually swim very well. When she is relaxed and messing around, she is just fine. But get her in those lessons, where she is being told what to do…yeah, that doesn’t go down so well.

The very last time she climbed out of Miss Carrie’s pool today. Can you see the teeny, tiny smile?


Meanwhile, I don’t think I got any real photos of Em this afternoon. She came up once for air and I got this one, and I caught maybe one off of the diving board. The rest of the time I could just see flashes of hot pink and black.


She was promoted to the Strokes class for next cycle. I was going to take the next 2 weeks off, but how can I deny her such great (cheap!) exercise and fun? Plus she wants to join the swim team with the kids across the street next year, so we need to work on some form.

So, for at least another 2 weeks, our laundry room is going to continue to look like a swim locker room.


Right now I’m off to go take a break from swimming for a date night and J. and I are going to see Harry Potter! Very excited. And then tomorrow you can find us in the pool again. And Sunday? We have a date with the neighbors…and their pool.