Newest fishy in the sea.

Her month of hard work has paid off. Her coach told her last night she is ready to move onto the swim team.


She literally “lit up” when they told her. She is clearly very proud of making the team and I am so very proud of her, too.

And I am very impressed with her desire to get into the freezing pool every single night to practice. And also that she has a seriously wicked butterfly stroke. So much better than her mama’s…by far. Her Coach walked her through it for the first time last night and I think surprised everyone with how quickly she got it.

Now whenever Coach T. says they are going to do a race, Em asks “can we do the butterfly stroke?” (Cue the rest of the class groaning and complaining.) I just pray she continues to be so in love with swimming when she is required to swim an hour every night of the week.

(Tonight’s photo credit goes to Addie. She is not going to be impressed with spending that much more time at the pool, I can tell you that much.)

8 thoughts on “Newest fishy in the sea.

  1. The BUTTERFLY stroke?! Oh, my gosh!!! I still can’t do that one. You rock, Em! Congratulations on making the Swim Team! I know it took a lot of hard work but it sure paid off. Keep up the good work!

  2. I hope she isn’t like that “Blonde” girl that got mad when the other swimmers in the Breast Stroke race cheated. . . .by using their arms, and Emma expects that they’ll actually get to use Butterflies!!!

    : )

  3. Awesome Em!!! Congrats!!!!! My sister had a natural butterfly stroke. The BA (who has a lovely freestyle) struggles with butterfly. I, sadly, swim with my head out of the water. Swimming is great exercise Em…good for you!!

  4. Bravo Em! That is awesome. I am so impressed. I can keep myself from drowing…but that’s about the extent of my swimming abilities. :o I

  5. Yeah Em!!!!
    I’m hoping to have stories of Zoe following in Em’s footsteps… er… uh… swim strokes (?)
    We’ve got her in private lessons now (thanks to an schedule that is uncooperative with her pm kindergarten schedule). The lessons have been really worth it. Loving swimming!
    : )

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