Gonna Need Another Parka.

I had my hand ON my camera on the way to the pool tonight because I was taking photos of other stuff around the house, and I decided not to take it.

Aaaarrrgghh! The head swim coach decided that it would be a great time to try Addie’s swim class in Lane 1 – where Em usually swims with the swim team. The pee-wees were overjoyed and ran down to the other side of the pool and Addison Rose was the first to jump in. Her coach asked them to swim the length of the pool…and Addie took off – her freestyle wasn’t technically perfect, but she was determined to get to the end first…and she did. And then turned around and backstroked the whole way back.


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited she was to be swimming with Emma! With the swim team! In Lane 1! In the deep end! And because I chose this night to not bring my camera, I only have crappy iPhone pics of my two fishies like this…


The coach said that Addie will be ready for the Tsunami Jr. team this summer. Although we are going to have to trade in her bombshell (cute!) swimsuit for a more practical, aerodynamic speedo suit. That might be a deal breaker for my fashionista…


7 thoughts on “Gonna Need Another Parka.

  1. I’m so proud of her and she looks so proud (and she should be). I love the suit also.

  2. Way to go Addie, I’ll bet you get a Swim parka before long.

    On Mother’s Day when we were taking the winter cover off of the GREEN, Scum covered pool, I was thinking about Addie’s mom being the first to swim a lap in a similarly cold disgusting looking pool 25 years ago!!
    Whatever it takes to be first I guess.

    Papa (Dad)

  3. Oh I’ve been so awol lately but saw that adorable swimsuit on Addie on Flickr and had to come over. Love it! Where did you get it? Congrats too, cutiepie.

  4. Oh that swimsuit is to die for! I would wear something like that. Perhaps I shouldn’t though….. :-)
    Well done Addie, swimming in lane 1!!!!! How cool!
    But what is a swim parka?

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