A harvest time, of sorts.

We had our first salad from our garden tonight.

Addie was quite insistent on planting lettuce this year , so although I thought we had missed the cool season window of opportunity, I let her throw some little plants and seeds in. Much to my surprise, we have lettuce! Lots o’ lettuce.


The butter lettuce is still working its way up, but the romaine lettuce we harvested tonight, along with some tomatoes…


…and our salad was delicious. Even Emma who we are sloooowly converting to the dark side as a salad lover, had a nice big bowl of it and didn’t complain. (Too much.)

Addie also chose golden zucchini to plant and is anxiously awaiting zucchini bread and muffins.


I’m waiting on the beets to be ready.


And Bob here is just keeping an eye on everything for us.


Addie pleaded her case for a garden gnome when we were in JoAnns one day. She ended up spending her allowance on him, and just tonight while we were picking our veggies she exclaimed, “I think Bob really likes it in our garden.” (Bob?! Ahhh..ok.)

Blueberries are having a little bit harder time, we seem to have some sort of animal that likes berries and has found our bushes this year.


But the lavender we planted last year is taking over our trash area and making all of the bees in the yard very happy.


And although Daddy doesn’t like hydrangeas, it is one of Addie and my fave flowers and our bush that we’ve been coddling for a few years has finally, finally taken off!


Growing like a…well, sunflower, I guess.

A little Addie’s garden update for you. Remember her little sunflower that she planted way back when she was a mere kindergartener? Well…take a look at it now!


We are anxiously awaiting the bloom, sooner or later it has to open up – I mean it is already 1 Daddy + 1 Addie high!


Her garden is ridiculous and pretty much just growing every which way. We had green beans for dinner tonight. We’ve had blueberries for our yogurt nearly every single day. And we almost have enough tomatoes to make a nice little caprese salad. And herbs. Holy cow, we have herbs like you wouldn’t believe. Please friends if you need something, come over and clip them from our yard…do not buy them at the market!


Every morning she takes her little basket out and wanders down the path to see what she can find.


I told her the other day that she has a very green thumb and she insisted, “No I don’t! I just washed my hands, Mama!”


My little garden girl.


Addie, Addie Quite Contrary – How Does Your Garden Grow?

With a sunflower plant started in foil, and look what it did when planted in my soil!


Look at the crazy sunflower grow – this was taken two weeks ago after ballet…


And this was yesterday…yes, after ballet again…


“It is as tall as me, Mama!”

I cannot find the pics I took of the “before” garden. But just imagine both sides of this walk lined with overgrown, left-for-dead, Camellia bushes and a termite infested, rotted pergola over the sidewalk. And now look…


Against the house and stucco wall makes a perfect backdrop and sunny spot for Ad’s kitchen garden. We have herbs, carrots (of course!), watermelon, pumpkins, peppers, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, blueberries and…sunflowers!


It makes me happy to see the great glee that Addie gets each morning when she comes back in from her scouting trip. The day the sunflower actually blooms she is going to completely lose it! After this weekend (ballet recital) she will not have any more ballet class for the summer, though. We’ll have to haul the leotard out for more update shots!