Crafty Tuesday…Kinda

Ok, not really. My poor sewing machine hasn’t been touched in weeks. In fact, I think I hear it weeping quietly in the craft room. I’ll admit I have been a bit obsessed with the house, we’ve been painting and cleaning out garages and working in the yard. In between everything that seems to need to be done in the last few weeks of school, there just hasn’t been any time for crafting. I have some fun crafts brewing for my Girl Scouts this week, so next week…definitely next week.

So what has been happening, you ask?

Well…we have a new roof on the two lower parts of the house. So hopefully – no more leaky roof. And the best part is – we get to take down the tiles in the living room and discover what lies beneath! (I know J. is cringing right now and bracing himself for coming home to a torn up living room. Don’t worry, babe…I’ll save that project for an upcoming weekend, so you can help!)


While the guys were working on the roof, Gracie disappeared. She was up in Ad’s room, came down with her little notebook and said, “Well, Mama – I was watching the roof guys and made 41 different observations.”

I need to get a copy of her observations because they are pretty awesome. My favorites were:

21. The roof guys leave their fire (torch) burning the whole time they are working.
22. They are weird. (Because they leave the fire burning)

Addie has been observing (every single day!) a little project of her own. Her garden. It is coming in nicely and we had our first blueberry harvest over the weekend.


Okay, so not enough to even put on our yogurt or Cheerios in the morning, but they were delicious! And we have some more coming along.


I need to do a photoshoot on the rest of Addie’s garden now that it is all coming in. Maybe tomorrow when we learn how to thin carrots. She is going to be crushed to know we have to pull some of them out. The carrots are her absolute favorite plants. Well, next to the catgrass she is growing for all the kitties in her life.


On another note, we are so excited to have Daddy home safe and sound from India. And of course he brought presents…


Oh, hey! I almost forgot…we did have some arts and crafts working it around here last week! One of Em’s pieces of artwork was chosen for the SGUSD art gallery downtown – again! They go through the school and take two pieces from each classroom and she was chosen for the second year in a row. Pretty cool and makes the art part of Mama’s heart smile. (This sweet face makes me smile, too.)


So if you made it this far – that will have to do for your crafty fix today. I promise better stuff next week!

3 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday…Kinda

  1. Way to go Emma. We have been busy around the house too. I guess that’s just the way it goes this time of year. Addie is quite observant. So funny!!

  2. Here I am, nearly a week late! The Indian outfits are cool and remind me of the sari my dad brought me back in 1977! In fact, these outfits are much nicer ;-)
    Good to see blokes up on a roof. In my house it is ME up on the roof!!
    I have something crafty for this week…oh boy oh boy I am so excited…..will post on the appropriate post though :-)

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