Crafty Tuesday

Have been on a bit of a forced hiatus around here, from the computer at least, due to my unanticipated hard drive problem last week.

The good news is that Apple replaced my hard drive (with one that is nearly twice as big – thank you Steve Jobs!) for free and fixed my laptop casing.

The bad news is I’m still encountering stuff that I didn’t get a chance to save copies of…the big stuff, like photos and projects are all backed up and fine, but the little stuff like Photoshop actions and programs I used to upload files and photos…all need to be reinstated. It is time consuming, but I’m trying to be zen about it all.

We did manage to be a little crafty in between all of the crazy computer stuff last week. Em and Audrey completed their sewing camp and had a great time.

They finished cute little skirts (all by themselves!)…


And then the second half of the week they finished little tops…


I was very impressed with the sewing abilities of my little seamstress and we are working on a project for Audrey’s birthday this week, so stay tuned for more sewing goodies compliments of Em.

I also finished two little baby blankets for our friend who is having twins!


Her theme is owls, and look at the cuteness of these – the skunk kills me!


This is pre-washing and pressing…but I had to take photos so I wouldn’t forget.


I also finished a little romper for Addie – we decided to sew something for her while Em was off doing her sewing thing. She has promised to wear it tomorrow, so I’ll get some pics then.

Any other summer craftiness going on?

Thank Goodness It Is Monday…

…now we can rest!

THAT was an insanely crazy weekend and I’m looking forward to a hopefully slower-paced week so we can all get a little rest and recuperating done.

Thank you for all of your well-wishes, presents and phone calls on Em’s birthday yesterday. She had a blast and truly felt loved. She even told me that yesterday was the best birthday EVER. No pressure for next year or anything!

Since we had a big party last year, I told her we needed to keep it small this year. She invited a few of her friends and we went to Common Thread, a sewing studio and lovely Jin helped the girls make monster pillows.


You should totally stop in for a class or visit with Jin and her cute puppy, Lucca – it is such a cool place!


Next we went to Mix ‘N Munch for lunch. They have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches…and about 50 different kinds of cereal. Yes. Like cold cereal and milk. But…that is what Em wanted and that is what she got.


(Like how Daddy is clearly feeling outnumbered by all of the girls as he sits patiently in the back corner?)

Then we walked down for a little Menchie’s treat. Again, Em’s choice.


I love that pic of Em. She had something in her eye and I didn’t realize it when I took the photo – but I love that she looks like she is winking. Such a cute 8-year old!

What a blessing it is to know that Em has such a great group of girls to depend on and have fun with!


Some of the girls went home at that point, but the party didn’t stop. Em decided she wanted her ears pierced. Yeah, I know she doesn’t look too sure of it here…


…but she powered through…


…and now has some bling!


And is also now obsessed with cleaning/turning/admiring them.

So it was a pretty full birthday. Throw in a jog-a-thon, Girl Scout meeting, birthday dinner, a Silent Auction for the girls’ school, bringing in 200 pairs of shoes the Brownies collected for Japan, a little bit of gardening and…oh, YEAH…signing all the paperwork on OUR HOUSE, and it was a pretty full weekend, too.

C’mon, Monday. Bring it.

Crafty Tuesday

This edition of Crafty Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of Emma Grace.

I finally finished the “Mommy Pants” that she has been longing for for oh, so long. Not to be confused with the Mom Jeans, the coveted lounge pants are pretty much all I wear around the house and now Em has her very own pair. She is now officially a mini-me.

Mini-me sized

I love the gingham contrasting material that I found in my scraps box. And Emma adores them. She told me three times this afternoon how “comfy” they are and how much she loved them.

Mommy pants!

They are just a tad too short – could’ve been a wee bit longer considering they will probably be capri pants by next week. As I was tucking her into bed tonight, she touched my arm and said, “Mom, I just really want to tell you thank you again. I really love my Mommy pants.”

*Pop* – that would be my heart nearly exploding. That kid is too sweet sometimes. Then I promised I’d make her some more and she did the fist pump thing and said, “Yes!” She’s so funny, too!

This was her first craft to come home from first grade. They had to make create a picture of themselves and then write about all the things they like to spend time doing…

All about Emma

I love the “1 stistr” (that would be one sister) and “playdates firends” (playdates with friends) but the best ones are football and the “NaFL” – hahahaha. I guess Daddy has to spend a lot of time tied to football and the NFL, and she loves Daddy, so therefore she loves the NaFL, too! Hee.