Thank Goodness It Is Monday…

…now we can rest!

THAT was an insanely crazy weekend and I’m looking forward to a hopefully slower-paced week so we can all get a little rest and recuperating done.

Thank you for all of your well-wishes, presents and phone calls on Em’s birthday yesterday. She had a blast and truly felt loved. She even told me that yesterday was the best birthday EVER. No pressure for next year or anything!

Since we had a big party last year, I told her we needed to keep it small this year. She invited a few of her friends and we went to Common Thread, a sewing studio and lovely Jin helped the girls make monster pillows.


You should totally stop in for a class or visit with Jin and her cute puppy, Lucca – it is such a cool place!


Next we went to Mix ‘N Munch for lunch. They have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches…and about 50 different kinds of cereal. Yes. Like cold cereal and milk. But…that is what Em wanted and that is what she got.


(Like how Daddy is clearly feeling outnumbered by all of the girls as he sits patiently in the back corner?)

Then we walked down for a little Menchie’s treat. Again, Em’s choice.


I love that pic of Em. She had something in her eye and I didn’t realize it when I took the photo – but I love that she looks like she is winking. Such a cute 8-year old!

What a blessing it is to know that Em has such a great group of girls to depend on and have fun with!


Some of the girls went home at that point, but the party didn’t stop. Em decided she wanted her ears pierced. Yeah, I know she doesn’t look too sure of it here…


…but she powered through…


…and now has some bling!


And is also now obsessed with cleaning/turning/admiring them.

So it was a pretty full birthday. Throw in a jog-a-thon, Girl Scout meeting, birthday dinner, a Silent Auction for the girls’ school, bringing in 200 pairs of shoes the Brownies collected for Japan, a little bit of gardening and…oh, YEAH…signing all the paperwork on OUR HOUSE, and it was a pretty full weekend, too.

C’mon, Monday. Bring it.

5 thoughts on “Thank Goodness It Is Monday…

  1. My Ellie loves to see updates on your girls- this one will have to be skipped since she wants her ears pierced SOOOO badly-this just might push her over the edge. :)

    Sounds like a very fun Birthday! Tell Emma Happy 8 from Cincinnati!

  2. Looks like the perfect birthday to me. She looks adorable with her newly pierced ears. I can’t believe you fit ALL of that into one weekend. Makes me tired just reading it.

  3. I had to wait for a while to post a comment — I was too out of breath after reading your post! Good for you — take the girlies away from the house for the party. I don’t think you could have squeezed in one more thing in a two short days! Emma looks ADORABLE in that hat — but just too old already!! Glad everyone had such a great time!

  4. Wow. What a wonderful time. I love the idea of a sewing party. BA is the farthest thing from a sew-er you could imagine so I never got to do cool stuff like this. I tried to get her into scrap booking once and it was an unmitigated disaster. *sigh* Still, she would certainly approve the food choices!! :-)
    Great news on the house signing….a momentous event.

  5. Oh gosh, those monster pillows are CUTE! Sounds like a great party for a great 8 year old – and I heartily approve of the frozen yogurt! A girl after my own heart. ;) What a full weekend…it always amazes me how much you pack in!

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