Dipy Thursday – Week #11

Team Up Thursday - Dipy #11

Both of our girls are celebrating birthdays…tomorrow! Yes, we just realized that Em and Raya have the same birthday. Add it to the list of crazy coincidences between me and my partner-in-crime.

So we decided that grow would be a great theme for the week.  I’ll just apologize for putting my girl on top – but how cool that I’ve got Em’s top half and Kimberly’s got Raya’s sweet bottom! Oooh….that shot makes me long for before Em went and decided to grow all up and stuff.

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10 thoughts on “Dipy Thursday – Week #11

  1. That is a crazy coincidence! You two were meant to team up. Oh you baby is growing. And don’t they just love to rub it in that one day they’ll be as tall as we are?? Sweet girl, hope she having one long celebration. Great way to celebrate you two, great dip.

  2. wow, just how tall is Em? Some friends of ours are adopting a girl named Raya, I had never heard of that name before but it’s so pretty. I love her chunky little arms, she looks like Sarah. How old will she be . . . tomorrow????

  3. they have the same birthday? Seriously? Wow, way cool. They grow up so fast. You both captured that so well. And I love it that altho Em has been looking so very mature lately, her face actually looks a little younger to me in this picture. Happy birthday to your first baby!

  4. I love both those shots! What a cool coincidence both girls have the same birthday. :) Hope there are lots of happy birthday wishes for both. Love her look too, is she wondering if she grew enough this year or not. Too cute.

  5. hope it’s a wonderful day of celebration at both your houses. i love that em looks so pleased at her height on the growth chart. i’m always threatening the boys with sprinkling “grow-stop” on them in their sleep;).

  6. What a big girl you got going on there! Way cool that they have the same birthday. I am the same way about selecting how to post mine and Christina’s dip’s. I totally always want to put hers first or on top….but sometimes the positioning of the shots call for it to be different. Great job this week.

  7. I love the fact that the two of you post the dips in different ways. So…interpretation of the interpretation! :-)
    Happy birthday to both girls for today (my time!).

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