Crafty Tuesday


Seriously. Please send help. Immediately.

Have you ever had one of those days where your to-do list is so incredibly long, you just feel overwhelmed so you spend your free time cleaning out random kitchen cabinets?

Yeah…me neither. But wouldn’t that be incredibly insane to clean out a china cabinet and all the silverware drawers when you should be figuring out what to get your almost 7-year old for her birthday? Or planning an intimate garden tea party for that 7-year old and 22 of her closest friends? Or paying bills? Or putting together the PTA newsletter? Or making signs for the Silent Auction?

I did try to find teacups today, unsuccessfully. And am on my way to the fabric store for the rest of the party favors tomorrow. But I have nothing to show today.

I’m serious about getting some help from you though, my friends, I need ideas for fun tea sandwiches, scones, and treats to feed these hungry girlies on Saturday. I am doing cupycakes instead of a cake, and it is just a little afternoon tea…not full-blown lunch or dinner.

Also we are going ladybug hunting and playing pin-the-dots-on-the-ladybug, but do you have any other fun ideas?

And because I missed Best Shot Monday yesterday and this is my favorite shot of the week, I will leave you with this…



Yeah, now I remember why I do all of this. She is the best big sister. Ever.

5 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. The girls are so pretty all dressed up for Easter…and look totally sweet together. :)

    I’m afraid I am not much help, I’m overwhelmed over here, too. Work is interfering with my free time, and I’ve got so many things I want to make that it is truly frustrating! I did get an Easter outfit made for Anya last week.

    Good luck on pulling the party together…and everything else! I know you can do it! :)

  2. Actually, cleaning out the cabinets when my to do list is a mile long does sound EXACTLY like something I would do. My house is never so clean as when I am totally overwhelmed with everything else. I think it helps to do something with a beginning and a definite end, that you can do correctly without much thought and then say “ah, look at how well I did with THAT”…nevermind that “that” could have waited.

    The ladybug tea party sounds great! I would think that any little sandwiches would work — PB&J cut out with big cookie cutters into shapes, if you want to go that far. Or just getting the frozen uncrustables if you don’t want to — hey, ladybugs have circles! I know I have a recipe for scones, I’d be glad to send it to you if you want. I would think that any finger food would work well with a ‘tea’ – cookies, etc.

    Games (geez, could I stop babbling?!) – what about using a plastic tea set and doing a relay race — filling the cups with water and then running down and around and back or something? Or balancing tea cups on your head…or guessing how many items (candy, buttons, whatever) are in a tea cup.

    And what a sweet shot…she really does look like the best big sister ever!

  3. My sister did a tea party one year and got a bunch of straw hats from the dollars store, ribbon and silk flowers and the girls made garden hats to wear during the tea.

    I love their dresses with the matching ribbons to their sweater.

  4. Having a mile long to-do list and yet fixating on one insignificant thing – yep, sounds like me!!

    Pampered Chef has these cute bread tubes in the shape of a flower, heart and star….you just fill them with the canned french bread dough and bake. Makes super cute sandwiches! Too bad you’re not close by, I could lend them to you. You could do cream cheese and strawberry sandwiches, and tint the cream cheese pink! Nutella & banana? you could make a fruit salad, and cut the fruit into shapes with fondant cutters. Or knowing you, I bet you could whip together a watermelon basket easy-peasy. Russian TEAcake cookies would be good.

    I love the idea of decoraring straw hats for the teaparty! Those could be the favors, too. I also love it that Em is still a ladybug girl. :)

    But 22 friends?? Oy, that girl is the life of the party, isn’t she?!

  5. Umm, yeah. I was doing just that very thing today in fact. I can’t wait to catch up and see how everything turned out. :)

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