Fashionista…make that two.

Uh…maybe she has been watching too much Project Runway with me?


I mean look at that pose! She was totally workin’ her new outfit yesterday.

And then Miss Ad had to get in on the action.


Yes, of course she wore the tiara to school. Why wouldn’t she?

9 thoughts on “Fashionista…make that two.

  1. It is ABOLUSTELY no wonder that you take a lot of pictures — how could you not with those two darlings? That tiara just pushes it over the top. You have to say one thing for her — she doesn’t have any problem with self-image — and that’s a good thing!

  2. I think it’s a true testament to Miss Addie’s beauty that I didn’t even notice the tiara at first. And Emma?! That girl has some MOVES! Watch out fashion world!

  3. Too stinkin’ cute! LOVE the skirt/shirt set…I’m seriously wishing for a fraction of your talent! :) And those boots – no wonder she had to strike such a pose – they’re awesome!

    I keep forgetting to mention two sites you might already know about, but that you’d probably enjoy! One is Brassy Apple and the other is Better After – both BAs, ha! The first one has an adorable little girl apron that I think they’re selling as a e-book pattern, the other requires little reading but is rich with renovation ideas for projects both big and small!

  4. Where DO they get these poses?! N has been doing the same thing lately – and she has not ever seen Fashion Runway to my knowledge. but she’s got moves – scary moves! All three of them do. And I must say, I wish I could french braid liek you.

    Oh, and I didn’t notice the tiara at first either!

  5. Love the poses. I think the white shirt worked out perfectly. Of course, every princess must wear a tiara to school.

  6. I swear they get prettier with every photo.

    And seriously…. why wouldn’t she wear the tiara??? I know I would wear one if I could pull it off.
    : )

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