A little Q & A ~ Best Shot Monday

Q: How did I spend my Mother’s Day afternoon?
A: Lying beneath our avocado tree in the hammock watching the girls entertain themselves.


Q: And what exactly were they looking for?
A: Roly Polys (Pill bugs) – naturally.


Q: Did they pick the bugs up?
A: You betcha!


Q: How many did they find?
A: I think there were more than 12 at one point all hanging out in Em’s hat!


Q: What is one of the funniest things to watch?
A: Your very girly-girls all decked out in their very girly outfits, playing with bugs in the dirt, of course!


Q: Which shot to choose for my BSM?
A: This one. I love her intense concentration, curiosity and wonder. My little bug girl.


Stay tuned for more bug adventures around Chaos. The butterflies are about to hatch and we have almost grown ladybugs, too! In the meantime hop over to Tracy’s for some more adventures.


6 thoughts on “A little Q & A ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. This was such a fun way to do a post! Roly-Polys are a big hit around here, too – which is really saying something since N is deathly afraid of almost all other bugs!

  2. That’s the best! I know so many little girls that are just into bugs and worms and dirt, and it makes me smile! Nice shots!

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