A month of six. Already.

Just some photos from a little photo shoot we did this afternoon. The last time I made her sit still for two minutes so I could snap more than one photo was her very last day of being five. And look, she has been six for over one month already!


She looks WAY older than six to me…


And?! Really? Six year olds know how to do the “eye-roll” already? I thought I had at least a few more years on that one.


Yeah. She is all six. And all beautiful.


3 thoughts on “A month of six. Already.

  1. The eye roll – we already have it here at THREE years old! There’s no doubt that Em is ALL beautiful. Seriously, she just keeps getting prettier! That b&w is gorgeous with such sparkly bokeh and wispy hair.

  2. Could she look any cuter???? i think it’s a combo of her short hair and that adorable hat!

  3. She is beautiful! I love her with short hair and the posing she does is just so darn cute!

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