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My little bookworm. I don’t know that my love affair with books started as early as first grade, but every time I looked at Em this weekend, I was transported back to a time when I was in the middle of a good book. Impatiently rushing through the other stuff I “had” to do, so I could get back to my book. Making myself sick because I wanted to read in the car. Trying to walk, looking over the top of the book, and read at the same time.

I think I probably said “Let’s just put the book down until we get there and then you can read,” at least five different times over the past two days.

Her class has been reading the Magic Treehouse books aloud. They have a chapter or two left in the first book of the series, but Em came home and finished it on Friday. Then she started book two on Saturday, and finished it during church yesterday.

Yes, I know. Part of me wanted to tell her she needed to pay attention in church, but she is reading. READING! Full on chapter books on her own. And I’ve been kind of quizzing her along the way – she is comprehending it, too. I just can’t squelch that. Plus Sunday school starts next week, which is much easier to focus on than “Mama’s church.”

Then last night we started the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series as our “bedtime reading.”

FINALLY! The Little House books were my all-time favorite books when I was a girl. I’ve been patiently waiting until she was ready for them. We got through a few chapters last night and when I went to wake her up this morning, she rolled over, stretched and said, “Mornin’ Mama. Tonight can we read Little House on the Prairie again?”

Yes. Yes. YES!

While I was making breakfast, she started on the third Treehouse book.  At this rate I think we are going to blow through the entire public library by the time she is in 3rd grade.

My little bookworm. (Yes, I’m beaming. I could not be more proud.)



So many books, so little time.

My lovely sis over at FourGirlsandOneBoy tagged me for a meme a few weeks ago, and well I am just now getting around to it.

You know the one – pick up the book you are reading and turn to page 123 and post the fifth sentence.

So this is my current reading stack -


I’m in reality only working on, or finishing up, the first five on the stack.

I just started Eat, Love, Pray, so I don’t have much to comment on yet. But the assignment for that book is:

“Our whole business therefore in this life,” wrote Saint Augustine, rather Yogically, “is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen.” Like all great philosophical ideas, this one is simple to understand but virtually impossible to imbibe.

Sounds good, eh? I think I’m going to like it.

I just finished Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama’s first book. It was very good, even if you are not an Obama fan. It is a very well-written, thoughtful and interesting book about his search for his identity, and the struggle to figure out what community he really belongs to. I really did enjoy it. He is as eloquent a writer as he is a speaker. The meme assignment for this book is:

“When the two of them withdrew to the kitchen, I would overhear Maya complaining to my mother. “Barry’s okay, isn’t he? I mean, I hope he doesn’t lose his cool and become one of those freaks you see on the streets around here.”

And I’ve been working on Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and your Children since our visit to Hawaii. It is um…interesting. I guess all of the ideas put forth in it are good in theory like, “Remember anger is just a passing state, so don’t empower it.” or “Remember angry thoughts and words are bad for your karma.” and even, “Look inward for the cause of anger so you can eliminate it.” But in practice…well, it has been nearly impossible for me to institute around here. I’ll have to write more on that another time. The meme assignment for that book:

“Even those mothers who seem to live with their soul mates concede there are phases when they “can’t get enough” of their partners followed by phases when they could “take them or leave them.” All relationships go through seasons.”

Well, duh. Right? See I don’t disagree, but I haven’t found the practical help in the book yet…but there is still plenty of book left. I’ll update on that one, I’m sure.

And then, the two triathlon books sitting there. These I did read, but I’ve kind of read them on an “as needed” basis. I did really enjoy the Slow, Fat Triathlete. Her book is very funny and pretty informative for a first-timer. The assignment for that one reads:

“Going from zero hours a week to ten or fifteen can do more harm than good, especially for the previously inactive or currently tubby among us.”

Hee. Tubby. Anyone who uses “tubby” in her book has a great sense of humor, right?

So that is what I’m reading right now. Doesn’t count my leaning tower of magazines on the other side of the table, though.


I’m not tagging anyone, since I think most have done this – but leave a comment if you would like to share what reading goodies you are currently enjoying.