Power through – day by day.

So much for my promises to be a better blogger. I really think that my calendar is plotting against me. Perhaps in a former life I wronged it somehow? Or packed it too full one month? Whatever the case, I just open my calendar each morning and try to work through it all. One day at a time. I find myself thinking, “if I can just make it to the weekend…it will all be okay.”

Except for this weekend. This week we are just trying to get through the weekend. And trying to get everyone healthy.

We have amoxicillin cocktails all around over here since Em and Ad both found ear infections this week. Half of Em’s class was out this week, and half of Ad’s class has been in and out of school for the past two weeks. I blame it on the weather. It.Is.Cold.Here.

Of course it is all relative, I realize. But it will be 70 degrees and lovely one day, and rainy and 40 the next. Everyone is feeling a little under the weather. Even Tiger.


Amongst all the sickies, we have had a little more excitement than normal. Addie was awarded SuperCougar at school today. The character trait that they were working on this month was honesty. So apparently Mrs. F. thinks Addie exhibits honesty. Huh. Well, she definitely says what is on her mind…I guess that is honest, right?


And with that we are off.

Em has her final dress rehearsal tomorrow for her ballet performance on Sunday. And sandwiched between ballet, we are taking the Brownie troop on their first overnight. All 18 of them. God bless ‘em.

And God help us Moms. Wish us luck.

And pray we just make it through the weekend…