The tooth has left the building.

I’ve been waiting ever so (*ahem*) patiently.

Emmie - the toothless wonder

So do you notice anything?

Notice anything?

Yep, we finally have our own Junie B. Jones -  toothless wonder in the house.

Tooth fairy booty

Amazingly enough we were listening to that very Junie B. Jones audiobook on our trip to Hana the day that Em’s first tooth decided to vacate her crazy shark-like mouth.

It has been loose for quite a while now, and her adult teeth are coming in behind her two bottom teeth. I had already made a dentist appointment for the girls for the day we got home from vacation, anticipating a possible need to help get those baby teeth out of there.

So with the threat of the dentist (or Nena!) pulling out her tooth, she wiggled, wiggled, wiggled it, and then got a little freaked out when it started to bleed at dinner one night (I may or may not have forgotten to mention to her that when your teeth come out there might be a bit of blood? Yeah, she is definitely my kid!). But it finally fell out in her hand while we were swimming in the pool that evening. Hallelujah and thank God for small favors!

Once the drama was over I think she realized the anticipation was far worse than the actual tooth falling out. She was practically giddy and has shown her “tooth hole” to anyone she come across.

The dentist said that her adult teeth may actually be coming in in the correct spot since she has a bit of an underbite right now. But I foresee definite braces in her future. And he also was not concerned with the other bottom tooth coming out. So we are back to wigglin’.

And yes, the tooth fairy does make hotel calls in Maui. Just in case you wondered.