Happy 14, Addie Rose!

Dear Rosie Toes -

This is a little bit on the late side tonight, but I kind of feel like that has been a bit what this past year has been like. You – running at top speed, barreling towards being a grown-up kid, and me – just trying to keep up.

I mean, how did we get from this little, messy face…


….to this temper tantrum-throwing toddler….

2157599492_f8f8ea893f_b…to this beautiful young lady…


…in what literally feels like, moments?

This year we watched you tackle your fear head-on when you jumped in (literally) and learned how to scuba dive.

DSCN0913 DSCN1023

And next up is high school…which doesn’t stand a chance. When you put your mind to something, I’m pretty certain there is nothing you can’t do! Not that I want to stand in your way, but maybe you can just slow down a tiny little bit so your old Mommy can keep up?

Hoping this year is full of all kinds of challenges, fun and most of all happiness! Happy 14th, baby!

Love you with all my heart. Always.


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