Awe…She is 16.

Dear Gracie Girl -

Each year it gets harder and harder to write these birthday notes. Not because you are getting older and closer to leaving the nest, (okay, maybe it is a little bit that too…) and not because I don’t have anything to say, I mean it is the only time of the year I am “allowed” to be mushy and post embarrassing photos of you. But it is just difficult to put into words how incredibly proud  Daddy and I are of you. I often feel like we must have done something good in another lifetime to be blessed with you.

DSC_0364Sixteen years ago I remember just holding you and staring in complete and utter awe, for everything about you was so little, so perfect. And Gracie, I still feel that same awe when I look at you today. You are so kind and caring, smart, funny and strong. I think back to my 16-year old self and am amazed at how much more mature, confident and self-assured you are than I was – I mean, like you are light-years beyond!


Your observant, sit-back-and-watch attitude has served you well and I love hearing your creative ideas and seeing the world through your eyes. And nothing, NOTHING, makes me happier than seeing you with Addie and watching your friendship grow. You were made to be the greatest big sister…and you are killing it. ;)


As you leave that rough year of “15″ behind, I’m certain your resilience and strength are going to move you into your best year yet. And I’ll be here cheering you on, as always. Simply in awe.

Happy Birthday, dearest Gracie.
All my love. Always.

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