It’s great to be (finally!) EIGHT.

Dear Addie Rose -
Another year has passed us by and you’ve spent every minute of it trying to play “catch up.”
“When can I walk home by myself, Mama?”
“Why am I the last of all my friends to turn 8?”
“Why can’t I (insert random request here), just like Emma?”

I get that it is hard being the youngest. The last to get to do everything. And I get that all of the big kids seem to be doing things that are so much more fun and you totally want to just be in the mix.


But, baby if you could just see yourself through my eyes, for every day I have to stop and remind myself that you are my b-a-b-y. My Addikins. You just keep flying through all of your milestones…way faster than you need to, in my opinion. And I just wish you could see how much you have grown up – literally in front of us – over the past year.


I continually see a caring Addie – a sweet, cat-loving girl who cares deeply about her family and friends and is always ready to lend a helping hand, usually without being asked twice.


Most often I see that spunky little Addie Рour Rosey Toes who keeps all of us laughing and can change the electricity in the room with a single joke and infectious giggle.


And always I am amazed to see a beautiful girl – the youngest love in my life who is growing up confident, smart and strong.

I know it has been a long year in your eyes, Ad…but what a difference that year makes. I can’t wait to see what this great year of eight holds for you.

Happy Birthday, sweet Addikins.
Love you with all my heart.
- Mommy

One thought on “It’s great to be (finally!) EIGHT.

  1. Dear 8-Year Old Addie: Have a very, very happy day and year to come! We put your package in the mail early last week so we are hoping you get it to add to our wishes! You are such a sweet girl and we wish you lots of happiness in this next year! We love you, Addie!

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