Whirlwind September.

I can’t get over the fact that we are already halfway through September. It is still pretty hot here so I can’t quite get on the Halloween/Fall bandwagon yet, but it is so close I can almost taste it. (Mmmm…pumpkin goodies are almost here!)

So what’s been happening this crazy September?

Well, let’s start with the youngest member of the household. Addie turned 8. We celebrated Addie turning 8 in many different ways. And Addie has way more activities than any 8-year old should have. We did manage to steer her clear of soccer this year, which means no Saturdays spent on the soccer field, no coaching for Daddy or I, and no whining about how it is too hot to play. If she truly loved playing, of course I would have promoted it, but the truth of the matter is, she did not love playing it. But she really loves ballet. And now tap and jazz, too. She was invited to be in the Select II class and opening that invitation letter was probably the highlight of her summer. So four hours of dance a week is her physical activity. She had to choose between choir (which she LOVES) and ballet (which she LOVES MORE) this year, so that was a tough decision – but dance won out. And of course she’s sticking with piano and Girl Scouts, too. Plenty to keep her busy.


Oh, and we added two kittens to the mix. Those two take up every.spare.minute of her time. You can only imagine the joy they bring her. Working on actual photos of tweedledee¬†and tweedledum. With them both being black…and always on the go, it makes real photos kind of impossible.

Emma Grace is enjoying being the “big fish in the little pond” at school. The 5th graders get to do all kinds of really cool stuff. She and Daddy are going to Astrocamp next month. Mrs. S. asked J. if he’d like to be one of the chaperones since we have all female teachers at school, they need to enlist some Dads to help corral the boys. I think J. is looking forward vetting all of the 5th grade boys and instill a strict “stay away from my daughter” policy that will last throughout high school. ;)

Em got the teacher she wanted this year and is really loving on school. I am really loving that I never have to ask her about tests, homework, etc. She just does it and does it well. Such a relief. They also start orchestra or band and she has chosen the viola as her instrument. That is…well, let’s just say “going.” It is going to be lovely when she gets some practice behind her bow, for right now it is a little, er…screechy.


She’s waiting for club volleyball season to start – which will be her one big activity and she is still taking piano (she’s practicing right now!) and this is a big year for her in Girl Scouts. They are working on their bronze awards and I can’t wait to see how they independently come up with service projects for that!

J. is very busy at work doing all kinds of cool things – but is most recently obsessed with his new car that he gets this weekend! In truth we are all a little obsessed with it. He is getting a Tesla – an all electric car. They are really cool – he and Em are going to fly up to SF and drive it back down the Supercharger highway on Saturday. There will be a full report and photos next week – you can bet.

And me? I was happily plugging along and keeping the house (somewhat) in order and everyone going to the right place at the right time; working on getting our Girl Scout troop up and running again for the year; starting a Media Club at school so the 5th graders can learn to do the newsletter instead of me doing it each month; and doing some fun projects in the TwoBirdies Workshop. And then I decided to stir it up and apply for a part-time job at the girls’ school.

I applied, took the test, interviewed, accepted, did all my paperwork and am starting the job…all within the past week. Kind of crazy, yes – but I am now the Computer Lab Tech, in charge of the computer lab! Can’t beat the hours…Tues, Wed, and Thurs. during school hours, so I go to school with the girls, and we’ll all walk home together. I still get Mondays and Fridays to do what I need around the house/without the girls and when school is closed…I’m off! It’s perfect.

I asked the girls what they thought of me working at their school and Addie was very excited and Emma said, “Wellll…it’s fine, as long as you don’t try to kiss me in front of all of my friends!”


So anyhow, tomorrow is the first day of the new world order. We shall see what adding another layer of chaos does to our life.

One thought on “Whirlwind September.

  1. Wait a minute!! Diid you factor in sleep for yourself? I am positive they hired the right person for the Lab and all but this will be a whole new world of organizing for you. But if anyone can pull it off, it is you and you sure can’t beat the house or the convenience of location. You will handle it with grace like you do everything else in your life — so Congratulations working mom! Can’t wait to tell Dick about Em and the viola — he will be over the moon! He thinks strings are one of God’s greatest ideas! She will do well at that like she does at everything else.

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