Crafty Tues…Er, Wednesday.

This is how it always happens. I have such good intentions and the then the days, weeks, years just get away from me.

So…I meant to show you all what the TwoBirdies have been up to, and then I looked up from the chaos that is all back-to-school around here and realized, another week is just sliding by over here.

We have been doing lots of tees over in the workshop. If you aren’t friends with us on FaceBook (why the heck not?!), then get a peep at this fun-ness…

Almost every tee we finish I deem “my favorite t-shirt ever!” and this one is no exception. If you could see these in person you’d want to rub your face on them, too! We started doing a few of these for the high school athletic boosters to give away when the members support the boosters. And…they are so, so cool…the Boosters are now selling them as a fundraiser and we just got another order. So I think they are making some cash…and some people very happy. The vinyl is silver and looks so pretty on the navy blue tees!


Before those tees…these were my favorites! We made these for our sweet little friend Autumne as she scoots off to play softball for San Diego Christian.


This is the same navy tees (yeah…bad, bad lighting!) but we used a baby blue vinyl to match the school’s colors. Looks super cool with the blue on blue.

We threw together some rush tees for a basketball team last week for a weekend tournament. And, they took 2nd place – had to be the cool shirts!


And for the Sherlock fans, especially one in particular who is celebrating her birthday on Monday (Addie’s heroine & Audrey’s big sis, Yvette) we “borrowed” a design that I’ve been seeing all over the internet. I’ve only seen maybe two Sherlock episodes and this tee is from one of the two I’ve seen.


So that is what we’ve been up to. Plus vinyl-ing up some stadium chairs, car decals…and we are going to try our hand on pop-up tents/shades next week. So stay tuned for that one!

Have a great weekend…we are on our way to see our Cubbies, Wolverines, friends and family in Chicago and Michigan, so I’m quite certain that this week will fly right in a blink!

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