Midweek Through The First Week.

We have a third and fifth grader in the house.


It has been a little hectic, a little crazy, a lot chaotic…but I think we are settling in.

Emma got Mrs. S. – who she had as a teacher for kindergarten. About three years ago Mrs. S. moved to 5th grade and Emma has been frequently voicing her hopes that she would get her for a teacher again when she got to 5th. So she was overjoyed when she picked up the postcard. And her BFF Audrey is in her class, along with a lot of her other besties, so she is as happy as can be.


Could they look any older? Or any more ready for middle school already? It is astounding to see the change in them from just June until now. They clearly know they are the top dogs at the school now.

And as for our sassy, 3rd grader. She wanted and assumed she would get Mrs. J. because that is who Emma had. So she had a bit of a meltdown when she got Mrs. T. Audrey, who also had Mrs. T., tried to tell Ad that she is great and Mrs. T. helped her become a much better writer. “She really makes you work hard on your writing, Addie!” Oh, if I could’ve captured the look on Addie’s face when Audrey told her that. Not what she wanted to hear at all. Writing is clearly not going to be Ad’s forte.

But then we got to school and she realized that not ALL of her friends were in the other class. And…they get student planners and get to eat lunch outside like the big girls. So the tears have dried in her camp, too. (You can tell she is the social butterfly of the bunch. It’s all about the friends and fun stuff with our Addikins.)


Okay, they look way too old, too.

When I asked them on the first day what their goals for the year were, I got…

Emma: “To improve my handwriting.”  (Hallelujah.)
Addie: “To be a better writer.” (Surprising! But can I get another “Hallelujah?”)

Of course, ballet, piano, hip-hop, choir and girl scouts haven’t all hit the schedule yet – we are sort of easing into it all this week, but I think it has the makings of being a great year for all.


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