My little ballerina after her class…

…gazing longingly at her idol Yvette and the “big girl ballerinas.”


She loves to tell me “only 4 or 5 years til I get to dance in pointe shoes, like Yvette!” ¬†Yes, this is the same girl who sobbed throughout her entire first ballet recital.

First day pro

She is currently prepping for two roles in the much anticipated Peter Pan
at the end of next month and I think ballet has become “her thing.”


I’m glad she’s stuck it out so far. And I may be incredibly biased,
but she makes the most beautiful ballerina.


5 thoughts on “Someday.

  1. Oh Carrie! Those pictures of Addison as a baby ballerina are heart melting! But look at how she’s standing in that first shot! She is definitely a ballerina in her own right now.

  2. This post is just so sweet. I love all of the photos of little Addie, but there is something so beautiful about the very first one.

  3. Those pictures are enough to melt your heart! What a little doll! I remember how worried you were when she cried through her first recital. Hard to believe she loves it so much now. It is hard to decide which of those pics is the cutest but that first one just undoes me!

  4. Yvette is so lucky to have a little ballerina like Addie standing in the doorway. Before you know it she’ll be on pointe. Enjoy all the classes in between Addie!

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