Crafty Tuesday

Oh, hey. I know it has been weeks since we have posted a Crafty Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting all kinds of crafty over here.

Birdie #2 and I have taken the next step to making TwoBirdies Workshop an “official” sort of business. We now have a resale/wholesale license so we can get our supplies at wholesale prices…which we have totally needed and used the past two weeks. We have spent nearly every waking minute in the sweatshop, er…I mean workshop, putting together four different t-shirts for the ballet company, and the new Peter Pan ballet that debuts this coming weekend. I think we have made close to 200 tees (Birdie #2?),…some days it feels like close to 2000. I’m still working on getting our little ballerina models to pose for a photoshoot so I can show them all to you here. Let’s work on that for next Tuesday, shall we?

We did step out of the workshop for a few minutes last week for Valentine’s Day. Well, technically we didn’t even step out of the workshop for the first of our Valentines. We made LOVE shirts for all the little girls to wear. The glitter vinyl is oh, so…BLING-a-licious.


Doesn’t Addie look like she is up to absolutely no good? I’m pretty sure that isn’t far from the truth, too.

While the Birdies were busy, the birdie-ettes were making some Valentines to pass out to their classmates. I made some little valentines for them and printed them on cardstock and then they made them “scratch-off.”


They signed their names in the little hearts, colored them with white crayons and then painted them with scratch-able paint (silver paint and dishsoap mixed in 2 to 1 parts). They attached pennies…and voila! Done. They were fun and didn’t add to the already candy overload, either!

owlWe also crafted with Mrs. A’s 4th grade class AND Mrs. P’s 2nd grade class on Valentine’s Day. I’m kicking myself for not taking a single photo of the cute Love Monsters we made – not even with my phone! I guess it was just kind of intense trying to get all 65 of the monsters made with impatient little 2nd and 4th graders. But this is what they looked like -

mons4(photo and EXCELLENT idea courtesy of Eighteen25.)

I don’t think I need to tell you what a huge hit they were. The 4th grade class was especially¬†creative and everyone really loved them. They were fun.

And that was Valentine’s day around here. Any goodies in your neck of the woods?



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