Caught Up At 40.

My sweet husband joins me at 40 today. (Uncle Jeff does too…obviously. Happy Birthday Jeff!)

I can often be heard saying that I have not two, but THREE children. But it is his complete joy at the smallest of pleasures and when J acts like “one of the kids” that makes me love him so.


I love that he is the one I can’t wait to wake up to in the morning and the last one I see when I close my eyes to sleep.

He is always there to share in the big news, the little stuff, and even my Lucy & Ethel schemes.

He’s my shoulder to lean on or my comic relief when I need that instead.

I love that he knows when to reach over to take my hand during the sad parts of Downton Abbey, or shoots me a look that doesn’t even need words, yet we understand each other perfectly.

He’s my forever date, my Valentine, the love-of-my-life and I’m so happy he is mine.

(And just a little bit happy that he is now 40, too. Come on in, babe, the water is fine.)

Happy Birthday, J.
Love you with all my heart.


5 thoughts on “Caught Up At 40.

  1. I know your bread looks good in the pics, but I didn’t realize your three “kids” hung out by the over waiting for it to be done! : )

    Happy Birthday to Jamie (and Jeff) . . . .Oh, maybe that’s a Birthday Cake that’s so interesting in the oven?

  2. Ha! Papa – I should have put in the post that they are waiting for the SHRINKY DINKS to shrink. J. bought the girls some over the holidays and they – gasp(!) used my oven to make them.

  3. Hahahahah! Shrinky Dinks!!! Hahahahaha. Happy 40th J. I remember it well. You are a very blessed lady Carrie to have such a super fellow.

  4. I totally agree with arizaphale — you are a blessed lady indeed! What a very sweet post. There are thousands of husbands who would love to get one like that. But, of course, they are obviously not as special as your J.

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