It is GREAT to be EIGHT.

Dear Emma Gracie,

Today you are eight. For the past few months your answer to all questions has simply been, “I can probably do that when I am eight,” or “Yeah, I think I’ll do that when I am eight.” So I’m thinking starting today you are going to be able to do EVERYthing.

Although, I think you are pretty much on your way to doing every and anything you put your mind to. I am forever astounded by how *old* you seem. Each day you try something new, figure something out on your own, or surprise even yourself with a new discovery. It is so exciting to watch, with just a little twinge of sadness. For as eager as you are to be older, Mommy is just as hesitant to let go.

But the more we let you go and explore, the prouder you make us. You are a spectacular girl. I’ll try to stop calling you “little” now that you are “8 years old!” (*said with the rolling of the eyes*) But you will forever be my little Gracie Girl. And I hope this is your best year yet, baby.

Happy Birthday, Emmy.

eight years of emma grace from carrie voris on Vimeo.

12 thoughts on “It is GREAT to be EIGHT.

  1. Have a VERY HAPPY 8th birthday, Emma! You are a very special girl and we know that you will go far!! Lots of birthday love from Uncle Dick and me.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to our special granddaughter. Wish we could be there to celebrate your 8th birthday with you. But even though we can’t be there you are in our thoughts. Hope you have a fun filled day.
    Hugs & Kisses
    Papa & Nana

  3. Happy Birthday to you from all the Hollands, Gracie girl! It was wonderful seeing you grow up this morning. :) Have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Emma! I know you don’t know me, but your mama and daddy and I were good friends in high school & I’ve been catching up with your mom on here lately. I know you are on your way to becoming a great woman. You have wonderful parents and, from what I have read, you have all of the superstar you can hold in your hands and more. :) I wish you the best year and everything great that life will bring you! Birthday blessings to a sweet girl!

  5. Something about 8 just sounds so….big! Happy Birthday, Emma Gracie! Carrie, I can’t believe you fit 8 years into less than 3 minutes. That song is perfect too!

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