Firefighter Addie.

This photo is for Uncle Ken. Our little firefighter-in-training.


And this photo is for me.


I want something to point to when Addie is a famous fashion designer and I can say…”would you just look at the style she was rockin’ when she was a mere five?!”  Oh, and also…kudos to me for letting her dress herself and allow her personality to shine through.

It mostly all kinda, sort of “goes” together. And well, most days…that is just good enough for me.

7 thoughts on “Firefighter Addie.

  1. Before I read that she dressed herself, I was thinking to myself: “Look at how cute Carrie has her dressed!” Another little fashionista waiting in the wings?! — or maybe spreading her wings already!!

  2. I noticed her outfit right off the bat, it works very well! I’m going to do the same thing with my kids, just let them do it. We have to let them have their own personality.

  3. I think she looks spectacular. I gave up with Harper a long time ago. You should see some of the outfits she assembles.

  4. Awesome fun! That outfit is not half bad!!! :-) I remember my sister being outraged that I would allow the Baby Angel to wear a ballet skirt over her jeans on a family outing to York. I just laughed at her. Mind you, I drew the line at the BA wearing thongs (flipflops) to church. I let her wear glittery, tinsel antennae though…..:-D
    Addie, you rock!!

  5. Hehehe! That totally looks like an outfit Nadia would come up with too. Actually…it might not be quite crazy enough for her. :P Kudos to you indeed for letting her spread her wings. I think she looks adorable! And I’m impressed at her bravery. Nadia adores firemen from a distance and always talks big about going to the firestation…but every time we’ve been there, she ends up cowering behind me in fear and not saying a word.

  6. That is so awsome addie Im proud of you alot of water was coming out of that hose ha when you come back to michigan hopefully uncle ken will be on Eaton Rapids fire dept ill let you go to a bigger fire hose im proud of you thank you for the pic can you send it to my face book love you uncle ken

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