Day One Down.

Today was the first day of a much-needed four-day weekend.

We stayed in our jammies for a good part of the morning. Jamie (the other Birdie) and I put together six supercapes for a birthday party order we have next week and I took the girls to a yummy lunch.

Then Em and her BFF, Audrey, visited Aunt JB where they got to be voice talent for a little webisode that hopefully will air on the website – you can bet I’ll let you know if it makes it live.


They were awesome. And they are so funny together.

Although, this is the smile I get from Em these days…


Not so funny. It is a kind of “half” smile. I think it is because she is afraid that her tooth is going to fall right out of her head.


Yeah, that front tooth on the right is just hanging out…I’ll have to tell our “tale of the lost tooth” from a few weeks ago when I get a free minute, maybe over the next few days “off.”

Addikins (and all her teeth) were along for the ride today, too.


2 thoughts on “Day One Down.

  1. The girls are so cute. You know this weekend I was looking at patterns I have in my stash and there was a drawing of a little blonde hair girl with curls and I thought, “Oh, that looks so much like Addie!” Love her curls. :)

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