Dipy Week #42 ~ An Unfamiliar Face

Dipy Week #42 ~ Unfamiliar Face

What is this? A BOY on BarelyControlledChaos? Make that two. Seems weird to see little boys on our usually very girl-riddled blog. It was Kimberly’s turn to pick and she suggested An Unfamiliar Face for our theme today. She said, “It wouldn’t even have to be the face of a stranger, just a photo of someone who doesn’t usually appear on your blog.”

So my little monkey on the right certainly isn’t the face of a stranger in our house (he is Henry – Addie’s BFF EJ’s little brother) and on any given morning he can be found hanging around on our swing in the front yard. But I do think this is his first appearance on our blog.

So enjoy the unfamiliar faces today – tomorrow I’m sure we will return to our regularly scheduled girls!


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5 thoughts on “Dipy Week #42 ~ An Unfamiliar Face

  1. Henry, love that name for a little boy. He looks like he’d be fun to “hang out” with. ;) Thanks for going with me on this theme. I owe you one. :)

  2. OK! Proud mama, here. I was out of town when you posted this one, so I missed the debut of Henry on BCC! This pic is so awesome of my little guy. A framer for sure! I love it, Care!

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