Crafty Tuesday ~ Cape Edition

Well, my plans for a very crafty past week were seriously thwarted. I was able to get the six capes finished that had to be done by the birthday party this Thursday.


Jamie (my Birdie partner) and I had put a Birthday Party Package in the silent auction for Em’s school last spring and a friend of ours bid, and won, the package. So her twins are having their party on Thursday and we are working on getting the “package” done. The capes are done – now we have to finish the party favors and cupcakes.

And then? THEN, I really need to get some crafting done. We have a boutique on Dec. 4th and 5th and I do not have anything to put out yet. So yes, this week we are for sure going to need to do some serious sewing. Plus I got a whole box of fun de-stashed felted scraps from my friend Jen – and I’m itching to make some good stuff.

But I’m just not feeling very productive. Today was one of those days where I felt a little like a hamster, just running on the wheel. Where I nearly felt dizzy as every hour I kept switching “hats.”

I had the “mom” hat on this morning – cajoling girlies to get ready for school, making lunches, cleaning up kitchens and loading laundry. And then I dropped them to school, kissed J. goodbye for the week (his last work trip for awhile – hopefully!) for the week and then ran back to school to put the “teacher helper” hat on. Back home again to finish up the PTA newsletter (“editor” hat) and make myself somewhat professional and presentable as I ran to a client lunch. My “professional” hat did pay off as I picked up another client (a cool artist!) and website project. Back home again, picking up girls and back in “mom” mode or rather “homework nazi.” Then switching gears and into the “soccer coach” hat and a long (almost last!) practice and back home to put on the “chef” hat. Then off to put on the “Girl Scout leader” hat and a service unit meeting and finally back home to plop the girls into bed. And it is only Monday night. No wonder my “blogger” hat isn’t quite working smoothly tonight.

But, tomorrow is another (packed) day, so I had better go plan it out so nothing falls through the cracks. I promise I am going to get to reading everyone’s blog this week. So leave me some good stuff to read!

6 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday ~ Cape Edition

  1. Man alive Carrie. You sure are one busy lady. I seriously don’t know how you do it all without going crazy. Those capes look amazing. Sounds like it’s going to be a great party. I have a little craftiness up today.

  2. It looks like you were still plenty productive, especially with as BUSY as you are! Those capes look great and I am sure that is going to be one fun party. You always do such a good job on your girls’ birthdays. Puts me to shame.

    I too have some craftiness up today. I was busy last week, but was able to get some things knocked off that to do list. Namely getting my Christmas cards done and ORDERED. I am really hoping to get them out into the mail on the day before Thanksgiving so they will arrive the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I want to be first this year LOL! I will post the card the day after Thanksgiving next week. I can’t wait to show it off…I love this one!

  3. I laughed when you said you had been ‘thwarted’ and then showed SIX CAPES!!!!!!!! What do you produce when you are given free rein? I have not even repaired my husband’s trousers which have been sitting on a ‘sewing’ chair for three months. But your day reminded me of life here…..only MORE! I try to avoid the ‘chef’ hat in particular……although somehow I seem to get stuck with the ‘washing up’ hat …..oh well. Can’t have everything :-)

  4. I am tired just reading about all those hats :-)
    Did you buy a pattern for the capes (if so from where) or did you make your own pattern?
    What is the material you use, is it satin?
    They are so adorable and look like maybe a novice sewer might be able to tackle. Are they easy to make?

  5. I’m curious. Did the rest of your outfit include a red bustier and blue drawers with big gold stars on them? Because isn’t that what wonder woman usually wears? ;) Seriously, you must have super powers to pull off a day like that, AND have capes to show for it to boot!

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