Crafty Tuesday

I have just one little thing to show you today, and just five minutes to put it up.

I’ve been wanting to try Sew A Straight Line’s domesticated skirt for a while now. Turns out it is super easy, very fun and looks amazing on my Domestic Goddess friend, Jamie, who celebrated a birthday last week. Is it a skirt? Is it an apron? It’s both! And reversible, too…
I’ll have to get a pic of her modeling it for us, since this is one time the skirt most definitely does not look better on the hanger.


I may have enough fabric for one for me, too, yippee!

Although it most definitely will not be completed this week – I have six littles (well five littles and one almost teen) running around the house. We have the chaos controlled (barely) for now, but we’ve only been down two adults since yesterday morning. Hopefully Meesh & DJ are having an amazing, relaxing time in Hawaii.

Hmmm….I think someone needs a diaper change. I’m off.

10 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday

  1. Love the fabrics you chose for it! I would love to see it modeled, too. Make sure you snap a picture of her in it. :)

    Have fun this week! Sounds like chaos, but I’m sure it will be fun for the kids to have so many playmates.

    When you get a chance…I have shirts for Kai and shirts for me up on my blog this week. Now I really, really need to get the baby gifts done. I have by 11 am on Saturday to get it finished!

  2. Oh, I love that skirt. I bet it will look so cute on Jamie. You definitely need to get a photo. It sounds like you have your hands full this week.

  3. Very cute skirt, I just wonder how it would look on someone who with “hips don’t lie”

    Change a diaper, how long has it been since you did that!

  4. I love the fabric too! I gotta see the skirt! I’ve been busy with the sewing machine the last couple of weeks – yeah, fun!!

  5. You will be up for sainthood by the time DJ and Michelle get back! I am sure your girls are loving it and you are loving having a baby around but that may be where the “loving it” part ends! When it gets rough, you can always remember that this is only a week — this too shall pass! :) !

  6. So, how are you making it through the Week of Chaos?? I imagine you look forward to a glass of wine come bedtime. :)

    Yes please on the picture of her modeling it…having a hard time envisioning it here. I always just adore the fabrics you chose. I did make a dress for N last week, but have not photographed it. Maybe one day.

  7. You are a sister in a million I reckon! That skirt is very cool too. I checked out the original site and now I can see how it works. Great fabric choice. Make yourself one when all the chaos dies down!

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