Daddies are for…

…giving the best tickles.

DSC_0046-5 copy.jpg

…being silly.

DSC_0032-1-5 copy.jpg


DSC_0022-1-5 copy.jpg


DSC_0041-5 copy.jpg

…and loving with all our hearts.


The thing that constantly amazes me with good Daddies is their need to protect and take care of their family.
I admire that so much in my own Dad and now see it between J. and the girls.
Thank you to my Dad and to J. for being such great Daddies and taking good care of all of us.

Happy Father’s Day.

We love you,
~ C. (Bean), Em & Ad

3 thoughts on “Daddies are for…

  1. It’s not Father’s Day til September here. I love the light in your shots. Is it always like this where you live or just in Summer? Happy Father’s Day to you all.

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