7 thoughts on “Please – we need our beauty sleep! ~ Wordless Wednesday

  1. How sweet are they? I have been having to wake up my two every morning. Summer sure wears them out. Love Em’s eye mask.

  2. On the weekeends they have “sleepovers” and will sleep with each other. They really want to share a room, which is so funny to me. I think they would hate it after a while – at least when they get to be teenagers!

    The sleepmask came from Daddy’s travel to Europe a few weeks ago – he got it in the little package you get on the airplane. Emma thought it was great!

  3. Ha!! The BA has one of those from Grandad’s travels too. She went through a phase of playing aorund with it at bedtime. :-)
    Love those sweet gals.

  4. Too funny! Does she sleep with the mask often? I know people who SWEAR by them (given that I work night shift) but I just don’t think I could handle trying to sleep with something on my face!

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