Weekly, er…Monthly (?!) Wrap-up


Has it really been that long? Yikes. I tried to do a quick little wrap-up of our last few weeks, and realized that is pretty much impossible. So here is the abridged version, mostly in photos because even though we have been taking it easy this week, I still need to prepare for my nieces and nephew who all arrive tomorrow!

So…speed round, here we go!

Emma’s artwork was chosen for a little art show. She was adorable all dressing up for the showing. Hers is the very cool Brontosaurus dino one there…


From dinosaurs to lions! Both of the girls were in the Spring Musical at church. Em was a tormenting lion with lines (I’ll post the video soon, promise!) and Ad was a lion cub. Could she be any cuter?


I didn’t get many shots of Em, especially with her hood on. I was backstage getting the cubs hooded and ready for their entrance. This shot was after the bows were taken and while they were getting their choir awards. She looked as exhausted as I felt.


And then it was time for school to end. Proud preschool graduates, look out kindergarten!


We had a little picnic in the Secret Garden to celebrate with all of our preschool friends…


And said goodbye to those who wouldn’t be going to our kindergarten.


And then it was time for the first graders to cross over into the world of SECOND grade. I am still in denial that I have a second grader. How is that possible??


And we celebrated with a serious farewell-to-first-grade Carnival – complete with popcorn machine, cotton candy, caricature artist, games, face painting and of course, popsicles!


On to the next day. And another celebration! Our Daisies bridged over and became Brownies! All sixteen of them crossed the bridge, looked into the pond and then we had a big party!


But our celebrating didn’t end there. On Monday we traveled to the stables and the girls got to try their hands at horseback riding. This was their end-of-year activity and celebration for selling so many cookies! All of them groomed and rode the horses and Emma asked the minute she got down, “Can I please take horseback riding lessons??”


Through it all, Ad tried ever so patiently to be a good sport. And she was, mostly.


And she also found her swimming mojo again this week. I had to pry both girls out of the pool after five hours of swimming yesterday. Yeah! Summer is here.


And not a minute too soon. Believe it.

6 thoughts on “Weekly, er…Monthly (?!) Wrap-up

  1. Girl, you have a LOT going on ALL the time don’t you? :) The lion heads turned out fabulous, and the girls look so sweet (even if tired) in them. Kindergarten, second grade, Brownies. Onward and upward girls! Now try to work in some more of that pool time, with you lounging by the side, m’kay? :)

  2. Another breathless e-mail from you! Those lion costumes are SO cute and professional looking. And all of that activity behind you just in time to end up with 4 more kids in your house. Your life is a real whirlwind but I would bet that you wouldn’t trade one minute of it with anyone!

  3. Girl! just reading about all that wears me out! Fun and excitement and exhaustion all around. What a jam packed schedule – just make sure to schedule some relaxation too, okay??

  4. Reading all that makes me tired — I think I need a nap!

    I can’t believe how fast time flies…a second grader in your house!? Sheesh!

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